Layerswap on-ramp goes live on Immutable Core SDK

For most gamers who are onboarding to Web3, the process begins with the acquisition of crypto. This is accomplished through the use of a centralized exchange. However, for them, the entire procedure of transferring across various wallets, layers, and applications becomes extremely inconveniencing and complicated, all the more so when they are entirely new to all of this. If the entire procedure could be made more comfortable, the game studios would find themselves able to entice more players into their fold.

This is precisely where the Layerswap on-ramp comes into play. This company is actively engaged in facilitating a seamless and straightforward method for all linked users to move funds directly from centralized exchanges to Immutable’s Layer 2 platform, with immediate effect. This is the primary reason why they are so excited that they are now officially live on the Immutable Core SDK. They are now better placed to address these issues more effectively and adequately.

All online players, whether novices or veterans, stand to gain greatly from this development. They will now have access to a new, more secure method for communicating with cryptographic resources. The game developer can tap into assets that have been dormant in centralized markets. The true innovation in regards to the Layerswap on-ramp in the case of game creators is geared toward maximizing profits.

Fundamentally, the Layerswap on-ramp enables all customers with funds on centralized exchanges to instantaneously on-ramp ETH, IMX, and USDC into Immutable’s platform. In the case of partner domains, they will be duly whitelisted by Immutable to prevent the partners from directly connecting with Layerswap. This, in turn, offers the partners the option of incorporating the quickest and most low-cost on- and off-ramp solution with the help of the Immutable Core SDK.


Layerswap has been active since eight months ago and has successfully processed over $100 million in transaction volume, surpassing that of Binance, Coinbase, and many more. By backing prime centralized exchanges in places all over the world, the Layerswap on-ramp has been duly designed to boost trade volume, quicker buying, and other mainstream adoption, as in the case of developers creating on Immutable.

David Cox

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