LayerZero goes live on Frame testnet

LayerZero is live on the Frame testnet, enabling developers to send messages across chains and bridge their NFTs to Frame. This can be done via the ONFT standard, which facilitates the movement of a bridged, non-fungible token both ways. For instance, a token minted on Sepolia can be transferred to Frame Test and from Frame testnet to Sepolia.

The movement of an NFT across chains helps creators earn more royalties, irrespective of the source of its origin. The development was announced by Frame, shedding light on the fact that the process is going to be seamless. It could expand the operations to a larger number of chains in the coming days. All it takes is a few clicks for creators to deploy the bridge.

Moving NFTs to Frame testnet allows creators to bag more royalties. More details about LayerZero’s integration with Frame testnet are expected to be made public in future announcements.

Frame has described itself as a network for collectors and creators. With testnet being live, collectors have access to tokens conveniently on their preferred platform, while creators can be assured that they will not miss out on a chance to earn a higher amount. Frame testnet going live is a development that dates back to November 7, 2023.

The first functionality the team made public was bridging funds and minting NFTs on the network. This was on top of wandering through their block explorer.

Calling it a milestone, Frame initiated a quest for users to allow them to explore the entire segment in a particular time frame. The first quest was to bridge Sepolia ETH into Frame by first acquiring Sepolia through any of the listed faucets. The minimum required bridging was 0.001 Sepolia ETH in order to earn the first badge. Users can claim a badge only after they have concluded the deposit process.

Claiming a badge signifies minting an NFT, which is actually an ERC1155 token. Frame is expected to announce more quests on its official website and social media handles.

LayerZero is coming fresh from going live on Manta Pacific, a modular execution layer for EVM-native zk applications. LayerZero brings to the table its ability to facilitate interoperability between networks and Manta Pacific. Some of the LayerZero endpoints involved in the process are Avalanche, Ethereum, Optimism, and BNB Chain.

Circling back to LayerZero going live on Frame testnet, the community has demonstrated mixed reactions to the announcement. Most of them have congratulated the team for achieving the feat, while others have asked Frame how the team intends to onboard a larger number of users. They have highlighted that NFT collections would not be bridged if liquidity continued to exist as a problem in the ecosystem.

Nevertheless, most of the Frame community members are optimistic about the development, especially creators, who are now more bullish than ever.

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