LayerZero goes live on OpBNB

LayerZero Labs has announced that applications built on BNB Chain can now be expanded to OpBNB. New applications will not have to do a lot; however, existing applications that have already integrated the BNB Chain will have to expand their horizons following the announcement.

OpBNB is a layer-2 solution that is compatible with EVM and resides in the BNB Chain ecosystem. Developers who have built their applications and are looking for expansion can simultaneously consider exploring over 40 chains with the endpoints of LayerZero. To reiterate, projects already integrated with LayerZero can unlock the functionality within their application.

The community has so far responded positively to this development, with most of them calling it a good job, while others are congratulating LayerZero for achieving this major milestone.

Interestingly, the effect is yet to be seen on the trading value of its native token, which is BNB. The token continues to drive around $205.65, with a slip of 0.43% in the last 24 hours. This number is definitely smaller, but compare it to the previous five days’ milestone, and the slip goes to 3.12%. The year-to-date value has decreased by 15.69%, with improvement barely in sight. Nevertheless, developers have good news in their favor, with expectations that the number of activities and deployment of innovative projects will increase with time.

BNB Chain is currently in the midst of hosting a two-month event for token treasury. Titled the BNB Chain Airdrop Marathon, the event is aimed at bringing a lot of airdrop opportunities to the community of users and developers. The airdrop marathon started on October 10, 2023, and it will conclude on December 10, 2023.

Every Tuesday, we will see a new airdrop event lasting for a week. Meaning, every airdrop event will immediately follow the previous one without skipping a single beat. Announcements pertaining to the events will be made on the official social media channels of BNB Chain.

Having said that, LayerZero Labs comes with an active integration development itself. It was last seen joining hands with Prime Protocol. The recent integration aims to boost the cross-chain functionality of Prime Protocol and not bind an individual to the idea of navigating between blockchains.

LayerZero is assisting in depositing and repaying transactions on the protocol, with such activities adding Prime Points to the accounts of the users.

BNB Chain has a 2-month buying timeline, and LayerZero is fresh from integration with a key player in the industry. This signals that collaborating is only a step forward in the roadmap to achieve the mission of boosting cross-chain applications for projects. Benefits span across new and existing projects. The latter has a choice to enhance the integration, and the new projects will automatically see the addition when developers work to deploy the innovation.

Other chains supported by LayerZero are Ethereum, Avalanche, Aptos, Polygon, and Arbitrum, to mention a few.

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