LayerZero to launch on BounceBit with innovative CeDeFi features

LayerZero Labs has recently revealed a major advancement in its technology: It is planned to be merged into BounceBit, an experimental BTC restocking service, shortly. BounceBit desires to integrate the benefits of both DeFi and CeFi platforms, which will enable users to access DeFi products while providing regulated custody and off-exchange settlement, which is typical of the CeFi platforms. This development is expected to create new and exciting openings for users seeking both decentralized and centralized financial operations.

This partnership is a significant development for LayerZero since it creates new possibilities for BounceBit developers to integrate with more than 70 other blockchains. This will enhance the compatibility of various blockchain applications and open up even more opportunities for their usage. With the help of LayerZero integration, the communication between different blockchains will be efficient, which can be beneficial in expanding its user base for BounceBit.

As BounceBit prepares to implement this new feature, it is also preparing for the early stages of a highly awaited giveaway of its digital currency known as $ZRO. It is expected that this event will attract a large number of people and greatly improve the value of the BounceBit network.

To foster contributions from the community and make the airdrop in sync with its users’ expectations, LayerZero has taken some steps. In this regard, they have invited all their users to participate in voting for farming concepts as well as the eligibility criteria. This approach engages stakeholders to participate in discussions of the strategies for creating and circulating the $ZRO token.

The objective of this approach implemented by LayerZero is to enhance the technological attributes of blockchain solutions while making the platform as active as it is productive. This is done through the integration of the community feedback directly into the core development. Thus, LayerZero and BounceBit are trailblazers in terms of how the blockchain ecosystems are developed and improved to suit their users.


With this partnership, it is possible to give a new direction to the advancements in the blockchain sector by incorporating the security and stability of conventional finance with the flexibility and innovation of new-age decentralized finance. Due to the recent integration of LayerZero on BounceBit, the blockchain community has high expectations for the opportunities that this unique CeDeFi platform will provide.

Scott Cook

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