LCG Energy: Pushing the Adoption of Renewables Through Green Investing and Blockchain

LCG Energy is one of the few experienced companies in the blockchain market. Founded in 2009, the utility provider has reached a revenue of €40 million in 2019 and is on its way of acquiring renewable energy projects worth more than €80 million with an ROI of 20%. Due to new strategic partnerships and its upcoming blockchain initiative, LCG Energy is forecasting revenue of €200 million for 2020, fortifying its position as a leading energy company in Europe.

Investments in renewable energy projects have increased exponentially over the last decade. According to Bloomberg, investment volume in clean energy is about to hit $2.6 trillion until the end of 2019. Some smaller countries like Iceland have fully transitioned towards renewables and are now climate neutral. 

Blockchain technology can potentially push the widespread adoption of green energy sources even further. The technology enables micro-producers to trade their excessive energy in local communities through transparent Peer-to-Peer marketplaces. Furthermore, distributed ledgers allow for the creation of an investment infrastructure that removes intermediary parties and considerably lowers the cost for the participants, which incentivizes the investments in renewable energy projects.

LCG Energy – the first utility provider to adopt blockchain – empowers green energy projects

LCG Energy is a licensed electricity supplier, energy trader, and contractor serving the needs of over 50,000 customers in Germany and Austria. After acquiring licensing by the German and Austrian Federal Network Agencies for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Posts, and Railway in 2014, LCG Energy became one of the few independent electricity providers in the D-A-CH region. Due to its market expertise and partner network of over 1.100 suppliers, the company offers a 20% lower cost of the energy it is supplying to its customers compared to the market average. With a revenue of 40 million EUR in 2019 alone, LCG Energy is already on the way of acquiring multiple projects in the renewables sector over the course of the following two years amounting to 80 million EUR.

Over the last two years, LCG Energy has been developing a full-fledged energy ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. The ecosystem consists of a digital platform, an energy token backed by renewable energy projects and a revolutionary integration between blockchain technology and Smart Meters. An important part of the ecosystem takes the LCG Energy utility token that is backed by green energy projects – 80% of the proceeds collected through the crowdsale will be invested by LCG Energy in renewable energy projects, each of which will be carefully evaluated and assessed before it is added to the investment portfolio. Furthermore, each of these projects will be enlisted in land registers, which guarantees their legal conformity and ensures constant screening, which greatly reduces the risk for the investors. The LCG Energy token will thus not only drive the adoption of renewables further, but it will also provide a stable, accessible investment tool for investors. 

Unlike most utility companies that are not willing to transition away from fossil fuels and their established energy infrastructures, LCG Energy is not afraid to embrace change, nor it believes that renewables are not in its financial interests. In fact, LCG Energy is convinced of exactly the opposite – the company has already selected several promising projects that are expected to yield a return of investment of 20% in the following 5 years.

LCG Energy is currently conducting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to raise funds for the creation of its energy ecosystem and the establishment of the LCG Energy token as a secure and reliable tool for the energy sector.

Green energy is the key to sustainability

LCG Energy recognizes the important role green energy projects will play in the years to come – both an environmental and financial standpoint. With the LCG Energy ecosystem, the company is planning to drive their adoption even further and become the first utility provider to become a driving factor of renewables. 

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