LCS Scores a Gold Advantage With FTX

FTX is looking forward to extending its gold lead by becoming the official exchange forum for cryptocurrencies at LCS, according to FTX review reports. The partnership between FTX and LCS for seven years is considered the biggest sponsorship contract that was signed by Riot for esports leagues. From this weekend onwards, the esports league fans can see the FTX branding at the LCS broadcast around Gold, the most precious currency of League of Legends. The LCS playoffs commence this weekend with the event of Evil Geniuses against Dignitas. On Sunday, there is another event of the playoff by the team of Cloud9 against Team Liquid. The live action of the events will be aired on Watch Party streamer, LoLEsports, YouTube, and Twitch.

Due to the new partnership decision, FTX shall present total team gold, player net worth, and rollercoaster gold graphical representations. Moreover, FTX shall provide the sponsorship funds for the Award of Most Improved Player of LCS. The player to win the award has to garner the votes of the team and media representatives, and Rioters. Through the partnership, the two platforms focus on the collection of fan interests and sentiments. The data is employed in decision-making processes for roping in more partners in the years to come.

The deal between FTX and LCS was met with surprise as the announcement of the gold advantage came only a few months after LCS refused to enter into a partnership with TSM. At present, as a part of the gold advantage deal, Riot shall be able to eliminate the asset branding from the international broadcasts that strictly regulate cryptocurrencies. According to the latest reports, the marketplaces of cryptocurrencies and NFT make the best esports partners. The FTX branding shall be on display at every broadcast of LCS this weekend.

Scott Cook

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