Leading Automotive Data Services Platform Provider Otonomo Collaborates with Microsoft

Over the past decade or so automotive services have become a central tenet of a wide range of industries and one of the companies which have done remarkable work in this industry is Otonomo. The company has managed to produce an automotive data services platform that has gone on to become the leader in its category, and it was perhaps only a matter of time before tech behemoths came calling for Otonomo. In a highly important development, Otonomo reached a deal with tech giant Microsoft to supply its automotive data services platform to the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform and to the company’s cloud computing service Microsoft Azure. This deal will make it possible for the company’s platform to be used by a much larger pool of customers and lead to far greater exposure for Otonomo.

Moreover, original equipment manufacturers will not be able to have ready access to the data services that are so vital to the industry. Advanced data services are extremely important when it comes to manufacturing secure systems that protect the privacy of users. The platform created by Otonomo is an extremely powerful one. It collects data from the client on an industrial scale. Once collected, the platform analyses and reshapes the data in order to come up with a product solution that can have a far-reaching effect on the overall customer experience. In a world that is increasingly governed by big data, this platform could prove to be of immense help for companies of all stripes. Now that it is available in two popular Microsoft services, it should be easier for a range of businesses to get access to the platform with far more ease.

Speaking about the collaboration with Microsoft, the Chief Commerce Officer of the company stated,

Global automakers are looking for practical, scalable ways to innovate in the car. Our collaboration with Microsoft will allow them to offer new, high-demand services to drivers faster than ever before. Microsoft’s cloud can handle the heavy lifting of ingesting huge volumes of sensor and usage data from connected vehicles.

Over the years it has been seen that some of the more revolutionary companies had started off with collaborations with larger companies and then went on to become behemoths on their own. For instance, Microsoft’s early growth was wholly fuelled by its tie-up with the leaders of the PC industry IBM.

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