Ledger Live and Coinify’s fiat on-ramp manage $VET and $VTHO

VeChain announced that two of its core tokens, namely VET and VTHO, are available on Ledger Live and Coinify’s fiat on-ramp. Calling it a technical integration, VeChain said that the move is a testament to their commitment to providing a better experience to the community.

Ledger Live enables VeChain to provide an enterprise-grade, sustainable infrastructure. Users can get started by accessing Ledger Live and navigating to the section where they can buy crypto in exchange for fiat currency, for instance, the US dollar. VeChain is confident about the development, which it believes is a game-changing custody solution for builders and holders alike.

The success of the integration has been credited to the developer team at VeChain. VeChain has chosen Ledger Live since it brings better security to protect the users’ private keys. Not just a single aspect, but VeChain also gains access to the forward-thinking technology of Ledger Live through this integration. It goes without saying that Coinify’s fiat on-ramp solution runs on a similar line.

Users can execute transactions pertaining to both tokens without any hindrance. The integration centers around user autonomy, for it delivers the advantage of directly managing digital assets on the network.

Coinify also brings with it the convenience of executing a transaction. It is as simple as entering the amount, reviewing the value, and executing it in seconds. Coinify enables users to perform all the basic tasks—buy, sell, and transfer tokens—from the Ledger Live ecosystem.

VeChain is optimistic about the development. It has stated in the official announcement that it puts it at the forefront of blockchain innovation by prioritizing the development of blockchain infrastructure that is scalable and sustainable. The community can expect many more developments in line with its commitment to offering diverse solutions.

VET is currently trading at $0.04545, up 3.37% over the last 24 hours. It also indicates a strong increase of 51.34% over the last seven days. However, its 24-hour volume is down by 18.95%. It could mean that the community is holding on to their VET shares in the hope of a continued upward trend.

VTHO’s trading value has gained significant traction, increasing by 13.68% to reach the $0.005361 milestone. It subsequently exhibits a substantial surge of 107.21% over the past week. Notably, its 24-hour volume has increased by 276.62%. This stands in opposition to the current state of VET on the market, with the exception of the increase in token valuation. Nonetheless, the development illuminates a promising future for crypto wallets like Ledger NanoX. A positive correlation exists between the performance of the ecosystem and the market perception of the product.

The majority of members of the VeChain community have expressed optimism regarding the development, while others have expressed confidence in the security enhancement.

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