Lemon extends its partnership with Polygon

Lemon, a crypto wallet based in Argentina, has chosen to extend its partnership with Polygon to make on-chain solutions accessible to its more than 1.8 million users in LATAM. The news was shared by Lemon through an official blog post, with highlights shared by Polygon on its Twitter account.

Citing Polygon as a high-performing blockchain, Lemon has highlighted that the objective of partnering with Polygon is to boost the adoption of crypto in the region and simplify the experience for its users. Polygon is known for offering scalability and cutting-edge solutions. These will now be accessible to the community of Lemon under the integration.

The partnership between Lemon and Polygon dates back to August 2022, with Lemon leveraging the capabilities of Polygon to enable over half a million mints of non-fungible tokens. The minting has been done on top of the infrastructure provided by Polygon.

Collections by Lemon are avatars that are provided to users in the form of digital IDs. These are hosted on the Polygon blockchain. The current partnership basically takes this forward with a larger scope for the future, where the plan is to go deeper with the integration. Per the announcement, Lemon intends to make the NFTs minted on Polygon tradable among the community members.

That is one way to go, considering the partnership continues to center around the marketplace and the concept of non-fungible tokens.

Marcelo Cavazzoli, the Chief Executive Officer of Lemon, has penned down a few words in the announcement, noting that the Lemon Nation project signifies approximately 6.5% of the NFT addresses, meaning there are over 540.000 users per wallet. These are ready to use the next level of products in Web3, concluded Marcelo, adding that the plan is to keep things simple.

Polygon Labs’ Aishwary Gupta has also issued a statement, expressing delight at Lemon’s decision to build on the Polygon chain and thereby empower the community in the LATAM region. Providing access to on-chain solutions via this deployment demonstrates the scalability and interoperability capabilities of Polygon.

The Head of FinTech at Polygon Labs has also noted that the partnership with Lemon aligns with their mission of accelerating the adoption of Web3 in the Latin American region.

Polygon Labs is now looking forward to working with Lemon to enable users to access the segments of the non-fungible tokens, decentralized finance, and gaming markets.


With Lemon on the list of partners, it is evident that Polygon is going to great lengths to help drive the mainstream adoption of Web3. Other partners on the list are Adobe, NuBank, and Reddit, to name a few.

What makes Polygon the ideal candidate for partnership is the set of benefits that it brings to the table. For instance, Polygon offers solutions to congestion challenges and operational costs. It further ensures that the transactions are executed at an economical price under all the security measures that have been deployed.

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