Celsius Network Review 2024

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This crypto lending platform has closed down its operations.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Celsius, a global cryptocurrency platform and Bitcoin mining company, recently emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy on January 31, 2024. However, as of February 29, 2024, the Celsius mobile and web apps have been shut down as part of their winding down of business operations. This closure will not impact payments to creditors.”

CoinBene closing announcement

Accordingly, we have marked the platform as “closed.”

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Cryptocurrency has become a sought-after financial asset globally, particularly due to stellar growth in Bitcoin prices over the past few years. Nowadays, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become valuable assets for lending services. One of the biggest players in the cryptocurrency lending market is the Celsius Network. Thousands of crypto investors are a part of the Celsius Network, which is growing daily.

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This platform is where people seeking Bitcoin loans meet Bitcoin lenders. Designed to help both parties, it creates an ecosystem where investors lending their Bitcoin assets can earn lucrative interest. Celsius has the lowest fees and best rates that you’ll find today on interest accounts and crypto loans. Celsius Network is one of the leading platforms in the crypto industry. It also helps the borrowers earn high profits by investing the borrowed BTC assets into technology projects and decentralized financing.

Celsius Network Summary

Official Website Business is closed
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Found in 2017
Native Token Yes
Listed Cryptocurrency 40+ Crypto Asset
Supported Fiat Currencies USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, and more
Minimum Deposit 0
Deposit Fees 0
Trading Pairs N/A
Trading Fees N/A
Withdrawal Limit $600,000 per 24 hours
Withdrawal Fees No
APY Up to 17.78% APY
Customer Support Contact Form and FAQ Support


What is Celsius Network?

Celsius Network Review - User InterfaceCelsius Network Review – Platform Interface

Celsius Network is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency lending platforms. It has been offering its services since 2017 and is currently a leader in this space.

Celsius Network, a crypto lending platform, offers various financial services. It is primarily known for offering Bitcoin loans at the best rates. The platform also has its native cryptocurrency token (CEL), further explained in this review. Since 2018, the platform and CEL tokens’ rise has been phenomenal. The founders of this platform are S. Daniel John, Alex Mashinsky, and Nuke Goldstein, who are operating this platform from London, UK. As of 2020, the company has successfully raised nearly $100 million of investment funds.

According to Alex Mashinsky, Celsius Network is currently targeting the crypto lending space in the United States. The US market will help it in providing instant access to crypto credit facilities. Furthermore, the platform will help the investors earn a passive interest income. The platform’s ultimate goal is to make Bitcoin loans fungible globally and enable them as funds for starting a business.

Celsius Network Review - Popularity of Celsius Network So Far!Celsius Network Review – Popularity of Celsius Network So Far!

However, in order to simplify Bitcoin lending and make Bitcoin loans more accessible, Celsius Network’s platform provides excellent interest rates on Bitcoin deposits and crypto collaterals. One of the few players in this space is to make it to the top by offering the best Bitcoin loans to people worldwide.

With Celsius Network, it is easy to borrow loans in leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and popular fiat currencies such as US Dollar (USD coin). Most financial lending services offered on this platform are charged at low rates. Additionally, sending cryptocurrency to someone has become instant and easy with the Celsius web app and the Celsius mobile app.

Top Perks of Celsius Network

Celsius Network Review - Advantages of Celsius NetworkCelsius Network Review – Advantages of Celsius Network

  • The best thing about Celsius Network is that it helps users earn high rewards on Bitcoin deposits.
  • The interest rates on Bitcoin loans offered by Celsius Network are feasible for borrowers and lenders.
  • The platform does not complicate using cryptocurrency to borrow loans in cash or other crypto coins.
  • Another best thing about Celsius Network is that it helps send and receive cryptocurrency funds without fees.
  • The platform is best for crypto investors and crypto traders seeking passive cash-based income on their crypto assets.
  • Celsius Network is also best for beginners in the crypto lending game as it makes the entire process easy to follow.

Pros and Cons of Celsius Network

Pros Cons
Rewards of up to 15% APY paid out weekly Minimal educational resources
Easy-to-use mobile platform Limited to cryptocurrencies
Available in over 100 countries
Instant, fee-free payments using CelPay
Great loyalty program

How Does Celsius Network Work?

The Celsius Network is a peer-to-peer lending company that facilitates the borrowing and lending of cryptocurrencies. They allow borrowers to quickly access fiat funds by putting their crypto as collateral, paying minimal interest.

3 Simple Steps On How to Use Celsius Network App

Steps to Use Celsius Network Mobile AppSteps to Use Celsius Network Mobile App

Get the Celsius app from the Google play store. The first thing you’ll need to do is get your hands on the sleek and easy-to-use the Celsius Network mobile app available for both Android and iOS platforms-

  1. Create your account.
  2. Verify your identity.
  3. Put your crypto to work.

It is available for both iOS and Android users. Crypto traders can install the app from the respective store and earn a bonus.

Products by Celsius Network

Celsius is a centralized lending solution that is based on blockchain technology. People can borrow from Celcius or leave cryptocurrencies on deposit with Celcius to be lent out. In exchange, they’ll earn interest.

Borrow – Using Your Crypto Borrow Cash or Coins

Celsius Network Review - Borrow Method on Celsius NetworkCelsius Network Review – Borrow Method on Celsius Network

You can borrow cash or CEL (the native token of Celsius). If you need money to spend, you’ll want to borrow in cash.

Rather than putting up all of your cryptos as collateral, you can choose how much to put up. This is called the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio.

Note that you’ll always put up more in collateral than the value of the loan. To get an idea of how much loan interest you may pay, check out the loan example below:

Celsius Network Loan Example

Loan Amount $1,000
Loan Term 12 Months
LTV 50%
Collateral Bitcoin (0.0581 BTC)
Payment Type USD coin/cash
APR $89.50
Total Interest 8.95%
Cost Per Month $7.46

If you change from cash to CEL tokens as the payment type, the interest rates will decrease as shown below:

  • APR: 6.27%
  • Total Interest: $62.70

Your interest rates will also decrease. For example, interest rates going from a 50% to a 25% LTV paid in CEL will result in a much lower interest rate:

  • APR: 0.70% (interest rates)
  • Total Interest: $7.00

Of course, CEL can fluctuate; you’ll want to consider that. There are loan configurations with interest rates as low as 1%. You’ll have to pay a minimum loan term of six months in interest on any loan.

There are over 30 coins that can be used as collateral. Also, know that Celsius may lend out your collateral to institutional investors. Loan approvals are instant, and there are no credit checks.

Earn – Here You Can Earn More With Your Crypto Weekly

You can earn additional cryptocurrency or rewards by keeping crypto on deposit with Celsius. There is no minimum balance or fees to achieve on your crypto deposit. And payouts are made weekly.

The Celsius term for earnings is “rewards.” Rewards differ depending on the type of cryptocurrency and if you’re in the U.S. or not. If you don’t live in the U.S, you can qualify for one of Celsius’ loyalty tiers that pay reward bonuses based on the percentage of your crypto portfolio in CEL tokens.

Earn More with Your Crypto Weekly on Celsius NetworkEarn More with Your Crypto Weekly on Celsius Network

Unfortunately, CEL rewards are not currently available for U.S crypto holders. This means that U.S. residents won’t take advantage of the best rates that Celsius has to offer.

For example, the “Celsius-in-kind” rewards rate currently paid for Synthetic Network Token (SNX) is 13.99% APY. But if you were able to earn in CEL, the APY would go up to 18.55%.

It should be noted that CEL rates are very dynamic. In other words, the rate you see today may not be the same one you see tomorrow.

CelPay – Pay and Get Paid with Crypto

As the name implies, Celpay is an in-app payment solution. This service lets you network with other Celsius users to facilitate sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. That way, you don’t have to deal with unwieldy cryptographic addresses and network fees. Instead, when you send one Bitcoin, your family member or friend receives one Bitcoin. Best of all, the person you send crypto to doesn’t need to have a Celsius wallet to receive your funds. It doesn’t get easier than that. Generally, it’s a streamlined and convenient platform. This platform proves simple for customers to use and navigate all of the features offered.

CelPay Solution by Celsius NetworkCelPay Solution by Celsius Network

CEL Token – A Utility Token with Real Rewards

In May 2018, the platform was born from an initial coin offering (ICO) of its proprietary token, CEL. During this ICO, they raised $50 million, earning attention for the native coin in the process.

CEL has performed well ever since. Annually, its performance sits at +3767.7 percent. The utility token permits customers to earn more interest in their savings accounts.

When taking out a loan, you’ll also enjoy discounts on interest for loan repayment.

Celsius Network Review - Level Up with CEL TokenCelsius Network Review – Level Up with CEL Token

Services by Celsius Network

Become an Ambassador

The Become an Ambassador program by Celsius Network is to bring the following 100 million people into crypto. In addition, people who are already in the Celsius community can also contribute towards their building blocks. By being a Celsius ambassador, you will enjoy several benefits, including getting hands-on with the limited edition Celsius Swag and meeting the company’s team personally.

Community Translation

Under the community translation, the network allows you to know how your funds are safe and why it is safer than other crypto companies. Moreover, you can connect with other community members and learn about the investment.

Top 500 HODLers List

The Top 500 HODLers allow you to know other members. You can also get into the list by submitting the name and avatar. However, it takes a minimum of two weeks to get your name listed.

Become the part of Top 500 HODLers on Celsius Network PlatformBecome the part of Top 500 HODLers on Celsius Network Platform

Swag Shop

Here, you can shop for accessories, coins, hats and hoodies, tanks, shirts, and totes of your choice. Each product listed is of top quality and comes in different sizes as options to fit.

Swag Shop by Celsius NetworkSwag Shop by Celsius Network

Celsius Pro

The pro version of Celsius offers customizable services for all areas, including corporate, family, and high-net-worth clients. It has a core Celsius infrastructure and assistance available to all of our members with hands-on support for non-retail applications.

Enjoy the Benefits of Celsius ProEnjoy the Benefits of Celsius Pro

Advantages of Celsius Pro

  • Capital EfficiencyUsing the retail platform, users will have access to various digital asset portfolios at the best-given price.
  • Treasury Management
    Celsius offers complete treasury management for corporate and institutional clients. Registered customers can earn rewards upon lending to Celsius without any collateral. But Celsius Pro also offers customized collateral programs, including CEL tokens.
  • Expansive Asset Inventory
    Celsius Pro has access to 40+ assets through the retail offerings. The network can secure additional coins from the network.

Celsius Network Security

Take a closer look at the Celsius Network offers better risk management and it is highly secured and data security. It has achieved ISO/IEC 27001 security certification.

Celsius Network SecurityCelsius Network Security

Celsius Network Fees

The platform doesn’t charge any fees for the services used. However, there are fees for the third-party service offered through the app. There are no upfront fees, which traditional banks charge. Similarly, some crypto platforms charge both up-front fees and hidden fees for years. Celsius wants to break the conventional banking model. Celsius had recently announced hidden fees, which will make members feel good that their assets are protected against plain greedy and fine-print fees.

Withdrawal Fee

Celsius Network doesn’t charge any Withdrawal fees to its users. In addition, there are no transaction fees, no early termination fee, and transfer fees. Moreover, the Celsius wallet is free.

Loan Origination Fee

The Origination fee is around 0.5% to 1% of the total loan taken and is charged by the lender as a part of compensation for the loan. However, the Celsius Network doesn’t charge any origination fees to its users.

Early Termination Fee

Early termination fees are charged when the party wants to cut down the term or agreement. The platform doesn’t charge any early termination fee or transaction fees to its users.

Deposit Fee

The platform doesn’t charge any deposit fees to its users.

Minimum Deposit

There is no minimum deposit amount involved.

Celsius Network’s Four Loyalty Tiers

The Bronze Tier

Customers of this tier will receive between five and ten percent in interest on CEL. But the benefits don’t stop there. You’ll also enjoy five percent bonus rewards and a five percent loan interest discount with the Bronze Tier.

The Silver Tier

As for the Silver Tier? You’ll receive between ten and 15 percent yields with CEL. You’ll also enjoy bonus rewards of ten percent and loan interest discounts of ten percent.

The Gold Tier

Moving up to the Gold Tier, you’ll get 15 to 20 percent in earnings with the platform’s proprietary token. Bonus rewards come in at 20 percent, and you’ll see 20 percent loan interest discounts, too.

The Platinum Tier

Last but not least, you’ll earn between 20 and 100 percent on CEL at the Platinum Tier. You’ll also get bonus rewards of 30 percent. And you’ll enjoy loan interest discounts of 30 percent as well.

As you can see based on the data above, the more CEL tokens you hold on the platform, the higher the yields you’ll receive. Of course, HODLing in CEL proves riskier due to the high volatility of the crypto market. So, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully.

You can also go through the below table to check the loyalty tiers and their matching reward bonuses:-

Celsius Loyalty Tier CEL Token Holdings Bonus Rewards Loan Interest Discounts
Bronze 5% – 10% 5% 5%
Silver 10% – 15% 10% 10%
Gold 15% – 25% 15% 15%
Platinum 25% – 100% 25% 25%

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Celsius Network is a best crypto lending platform that supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies. Here we have listed or included some supported cryptos and stablecoins such as:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Uniswap (UNI)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Tether Gold (XAUT)

Celsius Network permits customers to earn interest in their cryptos. It also allows them to borrow against them instantly, with no fees. Celsius’s mission remains to return 80 percent of its revenue to the community via an interest in cryptos held in the Celsius app.

Currently, they offer rates of 11.5 percent APY on stablecoins. Customers will also enjoy anywhere from two to 18 percent APY on other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Their rates fluctuate over time. Nevertheless, they get set weekly based on how much Celsius earned in the previous week.

With Celsius Network, it’s easy to keep track of your deposits, earnings, and withdrawal history. You’ll also find it a cinch to start earning interest. What do we mean? Every Friday, your rewards will be calculated. And every Monday, they’ll get deposited automatically into your wallet. When you make a deposit, you start earning. For example, if you deposit on a Wednesday night, you’ll see your first rewards the following Monday in your Celsius wallet. Other features that prove equally simple include:

  • Buying more coins
  • Withdrawing money
  • Paying friends
  • Taking out a coin-backed loan

To get started, choose your preferred loan amount along with your interest rate and payback schedule. Then, you’re ready to start earning on your crypto-assets. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Celsius is the only app with no withdrawal fees, no lockups, no minimums. You can also transfer crypto to other users in the app without fees. There are also no limits on withdrawals. If you withdraw greater than $75k compared, you must verify your identity for security purposes.

What backs the loan? Your coin balance. This means the amount is limited based on what’s in your wallet. Your coins stay in your wallets for cryptocurrency and continue earning while paying back the loan.

This system makes it a convenient option when you need cash. But you won’t have to withdraw any funds from your Celsius wallet to realize it.

Final Words

Since crypto is a volatile industry, you need to weigh in all the aspects before committing to using the platform. Overall, with a good number of users and a promising future, Celsius Network looks legit.


Is the Celsius Network Safe?


No doubt, you will want to use a safe, reliable place to store and hold your crypto. Whenever we choose to store our funds, be it fiat or crypto, we want to know we’re in safe hands. With any financial platform, crypto, or fiat, we recommend you do your due diligence. It’s worth noting that Celsius was the very first yield provider of crypto. Today it has the largest assets under management of any consumer-facing crypto yield provider with over $10B under management.

Is the Celsius Network Regulated?

Yes, the Celsius Network is regulated by the GMO Internet Group, a New York-based regulatory service, and is a subsidiary of the Japanese Financial Service and internet Group. Furthermore, the network is successfully registered under the Money Laundering Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds Regulations 2017 to check any illegal activities like money laundering.

Does the Celsius Network Have an App?

Yes, Celsius Network has both smartphone and dynamic web-based applications. The web app allows users to access Celsius from any device and enjoy using the feature. Using the app, users can manage crypto portfolios and earn compound rewards up to 15% APY in any form, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), etc. You can buy, send, earn or withdraw your tracked crypto in no time.

How to Get in Touch With Celsius Network Customer Service?

You can connect with the customer care of Celsius Network with the numbers mentioned on the official website. The website has both UK and US numbers. You can even contact the team by sending the message along with other details from the Contact Us page on the website.

Customer Service by Celsius NetworkCustomer Service by Celsius Network

Is the Celsius Network a Good Investment?

Celsius Network is an excellent platform for beginners who don’t want to face any risk while trading crypto. For passive investors looking for some safety tool, Celsius Network is the best. When it comes to investment, looking at its rising graph from January 1, 2021, till April 30, there was a 200% rise. It is breaking records set by other digital asset lending platforms.

Is Celsius Network FDIC Insured?

No, Celsius Network isn’t FDIC insured. The UK government regulates deposits on this platform. Fireblocks and Prime Trust offer insurance on Celsius digital assets.

The company generates interest rewards by deploying assets. When these assets are set out of Celsius’s control, FDIC cannot insure them.

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