Helio Lending Review 2023: Is Helio Lending Legit?

Here is another surprise to bring the new world of crypto finance into our life that has quite many advantages and features. Have you ever wondered about cryptocurrency assets loans? Cryptocurrencies that have been created and managed through advanced encryption are trending nowadays, and loans through cryptos are their next level of advancement. Helio Lending is one of them, with their headquarters in Australia. Let’s have a detailed look into this review to know more about the platform.

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Helio Lending Summary

Official Website https://heliolending.com/
Headquarters Australia
Found in 2018
Native Token N/A
Listed Cryptocurrencies BTC, LTC, BCH, XLM, ETH, TUSD, USDT, PAX, USDC
Supported Fiat Currencies USD
Minimum Deposit Depends on Cryptocurrency
Deposit Fees No Charge
Trading Pairs N/A
Trading Fees N/A
Withdrawal Limit Depends on Cryptocurrency
Withdrawal Fees No Charge
App No
Customer Support Email, Phone, & FAQ Support

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Understanding Helio Lending

Helio Lending enables you for the best crypto loans, deposits, and even real estate solutions in a safe and secure way. With the Australian credit license, they are a cryptocurrency lending CeFi aggregator business with over 9 institutions to choose from. Complete your know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks; they offer the lending service by finding out our exact loan requirements through various currencies that best suit our financial needs. Helio Lending connects clients with lenders allowing them to complete the whole procedure.

About Helio Lending

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With a fixed interest rate, the platform offers three types of services to its customers:-

  1. Crypto loans
  2. Deposits
  3. Real estate solutions

Crypto Loans

Without cashing in your coin, it allows you to access the value of your crypto holdings with interest rates that may be considered as best rates as low as 4% and maybe up to 9%. In short, it means they use cryptos as collateral and provide money during the loan period. A one-off interest payment will be made at the start of the loan. It means the interest amount will be deducted from the loan amount.

The best part is that the company does all the work in finding the best crypto lending platforms for you. The cryptocurrency-backed loan depends on the loan-to-value ratio, commonly known as the LTV ratio, which is 30%, 40%, or even 50%. If LTV is higher, then your APR (Annual Percentage Rate) will be more, which ranges from 12% to 20%.

Crypto Loans by Helio Lending

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The other factors that determine the interest amount are as follows:-

  • How much is your borrowing amount.
  • The value of the cryptos that you provide as collateral in demand for cash.
  • The duration of your loan period.

With no credit checks, no margin calls, safe and secure loans are possible.

The cryptos that you use as security are secure because of the following reasons:-

  • It is insured.
  • Stored in a cold wallet.
  • Not possible to trade your crypto with anyone.

Helio will send the cryptocurrency to a safe storage address if the application is approved before sending the funds into your bank account. After you’ve paid off your loan in full, they return the collateral to you.


You can now earn interest at the best rates using cryptos that pay up to 10% per annum. There are no withdrawal fees for the customers or the crypto providers during their deposits with a wide range of coins. You can deposit your stablecoin and take out the money as well with an insured custody option. Make sure that your interest-bearing account is active.

The crypto assets you can deposit:-

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin cash
  • TrueUSD
  • USDC
  • Paxos
  • Stellar Lumens
  • Tether

Helio Lending Deposits

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Real Estate Solutions

You can now use your cryptos for property purchases, NFT loans, real estate NFT’s, and much more. They have partnered with real estate transaction platform Propy to enable real estate NFT’s as collateral for your loan. For the real estate agents, it allows their clients to sell the property, and payment can be made using the crypto.

Unlock your client’s crypto assets to let them buy real estate. It is possible to use real estate NFT as collateral, borrow up to 70% of its value, and skip the mortgage process.

Real Estate Solutions by Helio Lending

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Is Helio Lending Legit & Regulated?

According to the detailed review, it is an Australia-based platform that is a licensed and regulated cryptocurrency loan provider, and it offers a secure way to access fiat funds without spending your cryptos. Though it has a few disadvantages, which we will discuss later, it may be a wonderful opportunity to access your loans and cash your crypto holdings. Funding loans are completely secure, and even the cryptos are insured during the loan.

Key Features of Helio Lending

  • Assures a secure way to access fiat funds at the best interest rates without actually selling the crypto.
  • Servicing the terms of each individual contract, they facilitate the process securely.
  • An easy and simplified way of availing loan with your digital assets securely. Loan amounts start from $50,000 at best rates.
  • No margin calls for qualified borrowers.
  • Loans are repayable on the maturity date and even allow the borrower to roll the loan over on new terms if needed.
  • Since your cryptocurrency is secured in cold storage, you need not worry about your crypto, and no trading takes place during the loan period.
  • The loan term usually starts from 6 months and is limited to a year. It can be best suitable as a short-term loan.

Key Features of Helio Lending

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Helio Lending Review: Pros and Cons


Application Process

A straightforward application process is done that has secure lending facilities. Also, a flexible choice of repayment options has been developed.

Crypto Finance

You can find the best deals quickly using your cryptos, and the best part is that they find your exact loan requirements. It works with most of the commonly used cryptos.


With no fees for the signing up process, they provide a timely solution, and it is possible for repayments of loan amount earlier.

Personal Loans

Since we can not avail of any personal loans, the amount of regulation will be reduced, making it much more manageable.

Credit Score

Unlike other traditional types of loan options and crypto loans, the credit score will not affect your loan application.


Competitive Rates

There are still certain companies, loan providers, and other crypto lenders that provide even better loans at lower interest rates. They need to improve themselves in this regard.


Since not much information is available on the internet, gathering knowledge about them is a little difficult.

Loan Amount

The minimum loan value can be too high at times.

Helio Lending Benefits

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Helio Lending Sign-Up Process

The process has been as easy as pie, where few details are required by the companies such as name, Email id, and a few related information. Provide the correct information since you may receive frequent platform notifications regarding their services by completing the sign-up process.

Helio Lending Services

As mentioned earlier, the platform offers three types of services to the users through acting as loan providers, accepting deposits, and real estate solutions. The user benefits depend on which category you fall into.

The Helio cryptocurrency loan enables you to access loans where you only need to apply for it. The company does the rest of the work by finding the best solution.

With a wide range of loan structures and deposit options, the Helio crypto loan can be one of your best choices. The cryptos are stored in the insured best crypto wallets and stored without trading, which makes them completely safe and secure.

With flexible terms and low-interest rate options, you can use your popular cryptocurrencies to purchase properties. You can also use real estate NFT’s as collateral for loans.

Helio Lending Security Measure

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Was the Helio Lending Account Got Hacked in the Past?

Till now, no such information has been available that the account got hacked. They ensure a safe and secure lending facility. They assure that the cryptos will not be traded at any cost, and all user’s cryptos are locked with offline wallet key options.

Helio Lending Mobile App

Unfortunately, there may not be such a mobile app till now, but you can visit their official website for any crypto loan or deposits from their platform.

How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency on Helio Lending?

You can buy and sell cryptocurrency easily as it is a no-sweat process nowadays since we can deal with it easily through the internet in a go. The interested crypto holders are now easily making profits even from volatile market movements by trading at the right time despite unpredictable pricing movements. The value of crypto is taking people’s attention, and some are involved in choosing other options like lending and financing.


Before buying crypto, a few steps are needed to be completed:-

  • Find a reputable platform. Do thorough research about the lenders and their business services since it forms the basic knowledge to gather before starting your buying process.
  • Collect the documents that are needed to verify KYC and AML.
  • Get a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Wallets are needed to store your cryptos.

When your wallets are ready, you can start to buy the cryptos and securely store, trade, and sell them in the future.


As you are at the selling stage, that means you already possess crypto and a wallet to store it. You can simply sell your cryptos by entering the required details like the type of crypto, its amount, and price per unit. Thus, you can choose how much you want to sell and the cash to your bank account.

There are various other options, such as lending your cryptos and can receive interest-only during the specified period. There are many lenders and the features included differ from one business to another.

How to Borrow Bitcoin on Helio Lending?

There are Bitcoin lending platforms, commonly referred to as a digital marketplace, where the users can lend BTC to borrow cash and vice versa.

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Borrowing of bitcoins is more accessible, and many can afford it than traditional borrowings. But watch out for the volatile pricing movements as they are unpredictable and may end in high profit or loss.

Helio Lending Fees

The best part that you need to take into consideration about Helio is that there is no charge associated with Helio Lending’s services. The loan that you borrow and the crypto you deposit will be done by creating lending agreements that do not carry any fees. There is no exit fee at the end of the loan period.

Helio Lending Customer Service

You can reach out to their customer service that is provided for any queries:-

  • Email id:- [email protected]
  • Call or Message:- +1 (628) 227-6059
  • You can have a live chat or book a call on their official website.
  • You can contact them on call as well, the number for which is available on the site.
  • You can also reach their FAQ section to solve your small doubts.

Customer service will be helping you in case of any queries or complaints related to services.

Helio Lending Customer Service

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Final Thoughts

To conclude, a relatively new digital lending opportunity is available where the entire lending process is secure. Flexibility and security of digital assets are their advantages. As a CeFi aggregator business, it is easy for you to deposit your cryptos and borrowings with simple loan terms. The Helio lenders ensure safe and secure storage of your crypto, and repayments are possible at any time. Securing collateral of the customers with cold storage and monitoring makes Helio Lending be one of the safest options.


How Is Helio Regulated?

Helio is a crypto lending CeFi aggregation business based in Australia that follows Australian cryptocurrency regulations. The investors have the opportunity to invest in a wide range of income-producing strategies and can apply for a loan by using their cryptocurrency.

Can I Pay Back My Helio Loan Early?

Yes, of course, you can, and it’s free of cost. There is no termination fee or any other charges to get your collateral back. They offer a flexible choice of repayment of our loan that includes full payment or interest-only options.

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