Ledn Review 2024: Is It a Safe Lending Platform?

If you want to leverage your cryptocurrency coins into a savings account to earn interest or access loans, then Ledn is a portal made just for you. Understanding the advanced needs of cryptocurrency HODLers and investors/ retail clients, Ledn is a financial platform offering different services on your Bitcoin, like a Ledn savings account, Bitcoin loan, or even a chance to double your Bitcoins with proof of reserves.

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Ledn Summary

Official Website https://ledn.io/
Headquarters Canada
Found in 2018
Native Token No
Listed Cryptocurrencies BTC, USDC
Supported Fiat Currencies USD
Minimum Deposit No Minimum Deposit
Deposit Fees Free
Trading Pairs No
Trading Fees Free
Withdrawal Limit 100 BTC per week
1,000,000 USDC per week
Withdrawal Fees For BTC – Takes Only Miner Fees
For USDC – 10 USDC
APY For BTC (Tier 1) -> 6.25% (Balance Amount – (0-1))
For BTC (Tier 2) -> 2.25% (Balance Amount – (>1))
For USDC -> 9.50% (Balance Amount – (>0))
App Yes
Customer Support Email & FAQ Support

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Here is an honest Ledn review for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin users, its key features, offered Ledn products and services and more! Read on to get all your queries answered quickly.

Understanding Ledn

Headquartered in Canada, Ledn is a cryptocurrency platform with a diverse range of financial services catering to the crypto-economy. The company was founded by Adam Reeds and Mauricio di Bartolomeo in 2018 and raised a whopping $3.9 million just in one seed round with potential investors. Some of its prominent investors are CMT Digital, Coinbase Ventures, Hashed, Parafi Capital, amongst others.

Ledn allows cryptocurrency investors to leverage interest on digital assets by either a savings account or loans. The three key Ledn offerings are Bitcoin and USDC Savings Account, Bitcoin-backed dollar loans, and B2X loan to double Bitcoin holdings.

A Ledn Savings Account lets you collect interest on your Bitcoin or USDC holdings. Ledn Bitcoin-backed loans are perfect for your loan needs as they are completely secured by Bitcoins. It is also the first digital asset platform to complete a Proof-of-Reserves attestation which allows its users to ensure that their digital assets are added to their periodic reports.

Ledn Review

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The Ledn Loans offer complete flexibility in terms of repayments as there is no rule of monthly interest payments depositing. You can just carry out the loan repayment in a lump sum while closing the loan. There are also no prepayment charges if you pay the loan amount before the repayment date.

Ledn crypto platform has been widely appreciated and approved for its high security and transparency standards. It is regulated and incorporated under the Federal Laws of Canada.

Is Ledn Legit & Regulated?

Yes, Ledn is legit and regulated under the Federal Laws of Canada.

Moreover, the crypto lending and savings platform ensures transparency and accountability for its products and services. This is visible through the fact that it is the foremost Bitcoin platform to receive a Proof-of-Reserves attestation via Armanino LLP, a world-class independent business consulting firm in the US in collaboration with Genesis Capital. However, the savings account is not subject to any entity like the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Key Features of Ledn

Here are some key features of Ledn’s crypto financial products and services:-

  • Earn interest on Bitcoin and USDC holdings.
  • Zero dollars min deposit and minimum balance. Min deposit is a huge advantage.
  • Utilizes Bitcoin as collateral to offer Ledn Bitcoin-backed loan or BTC supported on your crypto holdings. Here Bitcoin is the collateral.
  • Ledn interest rates are just 12% simple interest on Ledn Bitcoin backed loan or BTC supported loan as compared to rates of other companies.
  • Open a savings account with Ledn with the Bitcoin you hold.
  • Ledn generates interest rates on deposits for Bitcoin of more than 6.10% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) and more than 9.50% APY on USDC.
  • 50% maximum loan LTV.
  • Zero withdrawals fees.
  • No monthly interest payments for loans.
  • One-time repayment procedure for loans, the hassle of monthly payments eliminated.
  • Double your Bitcoin holdings with a Ledn B2X loan.
  • Easy-to-use mobile app available for iOS and android.
  • High-security standards for crypto protection and data privacy.

Key Features of Ledn

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Ledn Products and Services

Bitcoin-Backed Loans

As a crypto lending platform, Ledn offers one-of-its-kind Bitcoin-backed loans or BTC supported to Bitcoin HODLers to make the most of their capital or money while keeping their crypto locked up. These Bitcoin-backed dollar loans or BTC supported loans are innovated in a way to collateralize the Ledn user’s Bitcoin with a loan term of 12 months. Here, Bitcoin is treated as collateral.

The collaterals of traditional finances are completely different. Ledn’s Customers are also allowed to apply for a loan extension once this original duration concludes.

Ledn’s interest rate on the loan is 12% simple interest per annum. Moreover, the maximum LTV or Loan to TV ratio is 50%. Ledn offers a quick loan service as users can receive the loan amount in a short 24 hours as soon as the approval is done.

During the loan period, if the value of your Bitcoin increases, Ledn users are allowed to keep the increase. On the other hand, if the Bitcoin position falls in the market, then you will be asked to put additional Bitcoin to reach the maximum LTV of the loan. If the price doubles, you get double the exposure, if it falls, you face twice the risk. One must remember that Bitcoin moves in either direction. Bitcoin falls and rises in the market. Volatility is one of Bitcoins’ cons.

Bitcoin-Backed Loans by Ledn

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Ledn Savings Account

A Ledn Savings Account is exclusively for both BTC as well as USDC cryptocurrencies. Opening apr Ledn Savings Account, you can leverage or earn interest on your Bitcoin and USDC holdings. There is no transaction fee for holding a savings account on Ledn.

The Ledn interest rate on Bitcoin is more than 6.25% APY and the interest rate is more than 9.50% APY on a USDC savings account. This makes it a high-earning crypto savings platform that every crypto investor wanting to earn interest must check out.

Moreover, Ledn is able to generate interest on its crypto savings accounts through its lending activities. It lends the cryptocurrencies to Genesis, the platform’s primary borrower.

Ledn Savings Account

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Ledn B2X loan

Another one of the Bitcoin loans by Ledn is the B2X loan which lets you increase the Bitcoin holdings you have. For this, you need first to secure a BTC loan and use that amount for a Bitcoin purchase which leads to a twin increase in your Bitcoin savings.

Using this Ledn service, you are first provided with a dollar loan. Next, you can buy the Bitcoin amount equivalent to your initial holdings. Thus, you get to double your Bitcoin currency just with the blend of a loan and Bitcoin purchase.

Ledn B2X loan

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Ledn Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Earn interest in Bitcoin or USDC easily. Supports Bitcoin and USDC only.
No minimum balance or min deposit needed to open a Ledn savings account. Ledn rates are slightly lower than its competitors like BlockFI which offers high interest rates.
Supports Bitcoin-backed or supported loans. The asset support might be limited.
No requirement to pay monthly on your loan.
Highly transparent and accountable crypto assets platform with Proof of Attestation.
iOS and Android app for easy access.
Two-factor authentication to ensure information security.
No utility tokens required.
High standards for security and user privacy.
Reviews multiple liquidity sources before offering trading prices.

Ledn Sign-Up Process

Signing up at Ledn is an easy, fast, and free process. You just need to visit the official Ledn website and click on ‘join now’ to apply. Then, register for a Ledn account for free on the website and verify your identity with Ledn’s KYC and AMC check. Apart from bank account details, proof of address document or government-issued identification document may be required during the process of signing up on the website. However, there is no credit check at any step of the process.

Ledn User Benefits

Ledn is a perfect digital asset platform for long-term investors as it offers both loan and savings accounts for you to leverage. Moreover, it offers complete transparency to users with periodic reports and Proof of Attestation.

Ledn clients can borrow against your crypto holdings or double your Bitcoin deposits. Further, you can also put your Bitcoin savings into an account and leverage interest on the same. This helps to earn more money. At the same time, these are attractive savings products.

Ledn User Benefits

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Was the Ledn Account Got Hacked in the Past?

No account on Ledn has ever been hacked as the company follows strict policies to ensure internal security for all users. There is two-factor authentication for logging in to your account and to secure your account, an HTTPS and a password-protected interface is encrypted with AES-256. The company Ledn strictly adheres to user data privacy and has never shared its user data with a third party. It does not store data on local servers but on private  networks. This keeps your money safe and helps you build wealth. The company has the most stringent protocols in place for keeping Bitcoins safe. It works with the most comprehensive insurance policy of the company BitGo.

Ledn Mobile App

Ledn launched its Android and iOS mobile app in January 2021. As per Ledn reviews on Google Play Store, the mobile app has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.

How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency on Ledn?


You can opt for the B2X to collateralize a loan on your Bitcoin holdings and further use the amount to buy more Bitcoin, thus doubling the actual holdings.


Ledn offers trading services for Bitcoin and USDC HODLers for which you just need to make an account on the app or the website.  No fiat currency is involved.Then, add Bitcoin or USDC to your account and you can instantly trade or sell with no fee charged.

Ledn totals trading prices without adding any trading fee and relies on multiple liquidity sources for the prices. Further, Ledn reviews these sources as well as the total cost of your transaction and then provides you with time-locked price offers to choose from.

Ledn Fees

Ledn charges zero withdrawal fees as well as offers zero dollar minimum deposit and balance for its savings accounts. However, it charges $10 as the withdrawal fee on USDC savings accounts just to cover the miner’s fee for Ethereum blockchain transaction processing.

Ledn Security Options

Ledn adheres to strict security measures using HTTPS and password-protected interface for its online platform and app. There has been no record of any Ledn accounts hack and every log-in activity requires 2-factor authentication to ensure maximum safety. Ledn also maintains user privacy and doesn’t share data with any third party.

Ledn Customer Service

Ledn has an active support service on its websites for its community to consult and you can avail Ledn customer service by completing the support form available on the portal. You can also email the Ledn support team at [email protected]. They may even offer investment advice.

Ledn Customer Service

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Ledn Review: Final Words

Thus, this Ledn review concludes here with a balanced overview of the products, services, pros, cons, security, benefits, and other features about Ledn.


This crypto saving and lending platform is best to leverage your crypto digital assets, i.e. Bitcoin and USDC for loans or savings accounts. Moreover, Ledn doesn’t require a minimum balance or deposit for its savings accounts and has zero withdrawal fee for its loans, thus making it a useful platform for crypto investors. In fact, it caters to users even as far as South America.


How Is Ledn Regulated?

Ledn is incorporated under the regulations of the Federal Laws of Canada. It has been credited for its highest standards in transparency, consumer protection as well as user data privacy.

Can I Pay Back my Ledn Loan Early?

Yes, you can pay back your Ledn loan early with no prepayment charges. With Ledn’s unique repayment schedule, users can repay their Ledn loan with one payment, thus eliminating the hassle of monthly payments.

How to Borrow Bitcoin on Ledn?

While there is no way to borrow Bitcoin on Ledn, you can borrow Bitcoin-backed loans with just 12% simple interest on idle assets.

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