SpectroCoin Review 2024

SpectroCoin is a cryptocurrency that provides a platform that aims to do it all. Ever since its inception, SpectroCoin has been the choice of blockchain connoisseurs. The list of its services provides a diverse range of bitcoin options, and the cryptocurrency exchange is based out of Lithuania. Catering to its niche market, the platform and interface is well-designed and crafted.

At first, SpectroCoin might maintain a walled garden for the users by offering unique premiums with a controlled and limited bandwidth. But the ease of access and scope for scalability is something that shines a bright light upon its future and the possibilities that come with it.

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SpectroCoin Summary

Official Website https://spectrocoin.com/
Headquarters Lithuania
Found in 2013
Native Token No
Listed Cryptocurrencies 40+
Trading Pairs N/A
Supported Fiat Currencies USD, CAD, TRY, AUD, & more
Supported Countries Most of All
Minimum Deposit $3
Deposit Fees 8.50%
Transaction Fees Depends on the Payment Method
Withdrawal Fees Depends on the Payment Method
Application Yes
Customer Support Social Network, Mail, Phone, & Live Support

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What is SpectroCoin?

SpectroCoin is an all-inclusive cryptocurrency platform that offers digital wallets for crypto and other currencies, prepaid debit card, crypto-based loans, a cryptocurrency exchange, and much more. SpectroCoin accounts can be accessed via the SpectroCoin website and mobile app for leading mobile operating systems and Windows devices (on the Microsoft store – free of cost). This cryptocurrency exchange is also renowned for its attention to the safety and security of data/information. The 2FA (two-factor authentication) is a standard safety practice for most exchanges, and SpectroCoin wallet or other services are no exception to this industry standard.

One service that sets SpectroCoin ahead of most of the competition is its IBAN service. Whether you use the SpectroCoin website or app, you can get a personal IBAN (International Bank Account Number), allowing you to send or receive funds in your SpectroCoin account under your very name. As IBAN is a globally recognized format, it delivers the ability for users to trade with the entire world beyond national boundaries.

SpectroCoin Review - InterfaceSpectroCoin Review – Platform Interface

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How Does SpectroCoin Work?

SpectroCoin is a crypto-based exchange and platform. Like all cryptocurrencies and assets, blockchain lies at the very bottom of it all. A decentralized computing system is at the heart of crypto, and SpectroCoin has built an excellent platform on this blueprint. SpectroCoin provides an online platform to manage, trade, or exchange your cryptocurrencies and allows bank transfers and prepaid debit card – SpectroCoin debit card. This digital/virtual card can be redeemed for traditional online platforms, including Amazon.

Fitting in the shoes of an all-in-one platform, SpectroCoin offers brokerage as another service. As the brand quotes, you can grow by investing in funds or even finance your business. SpectroCoin brings an unparalleled list of features to the table for business-oriented features like QR codes for payment.

How to Use SpectroCoin?

Holding to the intuitiveness of the entire platform, SpectroCoin is user-friendly, and the procedures are quick & efficient. Once you have logged in to your account, you can select the service you want. For instance, if you wish to check your BTC wallet, you can simply click/tap on the button tab that says “Bitcoin Wallet,” and the mobile apps will navigate you to the details and services of your wallet. SpectroCoin wallet also allows users to create and redeem vouchers based on various cryptocurrencies supported by the exchange. To use this, users are to log in to their wallets and choose the option to ‘create voucher’ or ‘redeem the voucher,’ respectively, and carry out the process quickly.

SpectroCoin Reviews - About SpectroCoinSpectroCoin Reviews – About SpectroCoin

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Quick Overview of SpectroCoin

  • SpectroCoin is a versatile cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Founded in 2013, the exchange offers various digital and crypto services.
  • Offers e-wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, digital loans, prepaid debit cards, etc.
  • One of the more highly regarded exchanges, with premium features and support.
  • A higher fee to match the premium services and an impeccable score.
  • Incentives and enticing benefits for referrals.

Key Features of SpectroCoin

  • SpectroCoin is accessible as a mobile app (for both Apple and Android) and a web-based version. Aside from access to all of the addresses connected with your account, the app offers cryptocurrency exchange capabilities and the ability to purchase other cryptocurrencies immediately.
  • The interface for quick purchases is meant to be as easy as possible. It is similar to platforms where individuals purchase and sell cryptocurrencies to brokers, except in the case of SpectroCoin, users trade with the firm rather than brokers.
  • One of the primary goals of SpectroCoin is to connect cryptocurrencies with fiat money. That is why so many fiat currencies may be utilized on this site.
  • Because of the platform’s many payment options, customers with varying degrees of cryptocurrency expertise may use it to convert digital money to fiat currency or gold and back.
  • A prepaid SpectroCoin debit card is another significant feature aimed at making cryptocurrency use more convenient. This card may be used like any other payment card, but it also contains cryptocurrency storage capabilities and allows you to pay in cryptocurrency.
  • SpectroCoin provides solutions for retailers in addition to storage, exchange, and payment alternatives for cryptocurrencies. These functionalities are provided in a highly user-friendly manner (just like any other SpectroCoin option).

SpectroCoin Review - Features of SpectroCoinSpectroCoin Review – Features of SpectroCoin

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SpectroCoin Services

Instant Buying and Selling

Keeping up with other major exchanges, SpectroCoin also provides an Instant Buying and Selling feature. This can easily streamline the process if you happen to be an experienced trader instead of a novice. Individuals can also switch to fiat currencies through a few taps on their mobile apps, adding convenience for seasoned users. SpectroCoin wallet enables the users to store multiple cryptocurrencies and digital assets (such as Ethereum and Bitcoin). The availability of a Windows-based application (a step ahead of the competition) shows the variety and usage of the platform that was kept in mind for such an intuitive and expansive design.


The cryptocurrency exchange also allows the users to exchange cryptocurrency in pairs. In this case, the fee is competitive, and for BNK trading pairs, the transaction is free of cost.

Since SpectroCoin also offers free accounts, their membership or the ‘SpectroCoin Pro’ only has some features inside the club. Users can exchange their cryptocurrencies with bank wires, e-wallet, or debit card (and credit card). The platform has advanced trading tools that can help one analyze the market, thereby making an informed and better decision.

SpectroCoin Reviews - Exchange Service by SpectroCoinSpectroCoin Reviews – Exchange Service by SpectroCoin

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SpectroCoin Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Cutting-edge features like IBAN, cards. Relatively higher premium charges.
Highly responsive customer support. Lower trade volume.
Intuitive interface and easy procedures. Lack of high liquidity.
Globally available (except few nations). Accidental transactions cannot be undone.

How to Set Up an Account with SpectroCoin?

For new users, setting up your account is quite an easy process. One can sign up with the platform using their respective email IDs and then complete the verification process through the link shared on the registered email ID. The exchange also allows the users to sign in via Google or Facebook accounts. Setting up your account with your phone number is also necessary as the platform offers a two-step verification process.

SpectroCoin Reviews - Account Sign Up ProcessSpectroCoin Reviews – Account Sign Up Process

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SpectroCoin Fees

It’s a mixed bag of feelings when it comes to the fee and rate cards of SpectroCoin. Premium features do come with high fees, but the competitive transactional fees and extra services might be worth the extra buck for a few users. There is a limit to the monthly deposit for a few select payment options and a daily cap on all deposits. This implies that the deposit fees might be high, but there is a limit to which it can be used in the first place. Another thing to be mindful about is that there is a minimum fee on a few banking methods, although Europe-based methods such as Advcash don’t have any minimum fee. Similar to the above-mentioned deposit fees, withdrawal fees also have a minimum fee involved. The relatively high fees and rate structure could be one reason for the lack of trading volume and users. Deposit and withdrawal limits would certainly not help its case either. For more info on fees, Structure click here.

SресtrоCоіn Wallet Fees

SpectroCoin charges a surplus fee (when compared to fewer premium alternatives). For depositing USD, users are charged 8.5%. There is also a minimum value of $3: this mobile wallet or the SpectroCoin wallet for cryptocurrencies charges various fees for online wallet. SpectroCoin wallet is available as a mobile wallet or best online crypto wallet on the app store, also you can manage your digital currencies from anywhere. To use SpectroCoin wallet, the users can get their mobile app at the respective app store for iOS and Android mobile devices (a dedicated application is also available for Windows devices on the corresponding app store). Apart from the wallet fees, SpectroCoin wallet appears to keep the funds in offline/cold wallets, which is always a good layer of security to have.

SpectroCoin Payment Methods

SpectroCoin holds one of the most extensive payment methods under its belt. Whether you prefer Amazon gift cards or Skrill, be it SEPA bank transfers or VISA cards, there is something for every preference. SpectroCoin has ensured to add this level of convenience to make it an all-inclusive trading environment. Though payment is supported by credit or debit cards, the withdrawals can not be directly made to them and might introduce a hiccup in the process.

SpectroCoin Reviews - SpectroCoin Payment MethodsSpectroCoin Reviews – SpectroCoin Payment Methods

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SpectroCoin API

The exchange also provides API solutions for the traders who wish to study the crypto market more closely and read between the fine lines of the blockchain. An API is an application programming interface where a long string of sorted and unsorted data can be exchanged. This data might be constituted of any information in a format of sets and subsets. For small exchanges or companies, API can come in handy when the stakes are higher than for individuals.

Crypto Loans by SpectroCoin

The brokerage platform allows crypto loans, digital loans that are made with blockchain wallets as their foundations. Under crypto lending, your crypto assets can be held as collateral, which would then return to your wallet address once the loan amount is cleared. The SpectroCoin crypto loans support various currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, euro, etc. Users can use any of these cryptocurrencies and even traditional currency like Euro (only available for verified users). Interest payments are automated, and the amount will be debited from the users’ accounts monthly. An added benefit is that there is no penalty for prepayments of the loans, thus, ensuring that users are encouraged to clear the amount whenever it is convenient for them. Users can also decide the duration of their crypto loan. Looking for reliable BTC lending sites or need a crypto loan? Just read our article and get all the proper detailed information in one place.

SpectroCoin Card

The platform users can get a credit or debit card that can be used for non-blockchain-based mediums. This prepaid card of any desired amount is used to make payments on platforms like SEPA, Advcash, etc. By exchanging your cryptocurrencies, you can now spend it with a VISA card at any store. ATM withdrawals cost a reasonable amount of fee that is specific to the region. However, there is a limit on the total amount of funds stored on the debit card.

SpectroCoin Reviews - SpectroCoin Debit CardSpectroCoin Reviews – SpectroCoin Debit Card

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SpectroCoin Supported Currencies and Countries

Barring the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Japan, and a few more, SpectroCoin is available worldwide. The respective laws, regulations, and policies prevent SpectroCoin from operating in those select nations. Despite this, SpectroCoin seems to grow in the remaining part of the financial world consistently. Their website shows an entire list of the supported countries, making it efficient. SpectroCoin supports over a dozen cryptocurrencies, including DASH, RIPPLE, LITECOIN, USD Coin, etc. credit or debit cards can be used for buying cryptocurrencies and other online methods like Skrill, Payeer, etc.

Is SpectroCoin Safe?

With its years of consistent growth and millions of users across the world, SpectroCoin is indeed on the top of the recommendations list. A spotless track record and prompt customer support team inspire trust and safety to consider as an online wallet. The brand claims to maintain a secure environment with the help of IT experts and a dedicated team. Judging by their squeaky clean past and reputation among the users, SpectroCoin can be viewed as a safe and reliable option.

SpectroCoin Customer Support

Responsive and quick are two terms that come to mind when one thinks of customer support by SpectroCoin. Other than a handful of unpleasant ones, SpectroCoin has managed to gather positive reviews from the majority of its users. The complaints have been resolved in time, and the team tries their best to convey the stringent regulations that the exchange follows. Various third-party review portals (such as Trust Pilot – a review platform that focuses on crypto and blockchain) add to the credibility of excellent customer support by SpectroCoin.

SpectroCoin Reviews - SpectroCoin Customer SupportSpectroCoin Reviews – SpectroCoin Customer Support

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SpectroCoin Review: Conclusion

SpectroCoin seems to be a good wallet and a digital asset management solution. If one is willing to invest little extra financial resources in the brand, many features and simplicities make it a good recommendation. The impressive list of features and services stands unrivaled in the segment. SpectroCoin is an all-in-one solution for cryptocurrencies and offers various services. Also, users can download the mobile wallet app from the respective app stores like IOS and android. You can manage your digital currencies from anywhere and all your digital assets/digital currencies are secure at SpectroCoin wallet.


Is SpectroCoin Legit?

Based in Lithuania, SpectroCoin appears to be a legit and good digital and crypto asset management system. If you reside in one of the nations where it operates, it should be something to consider before you finalize your cryptocurrency exchange.

Is SpectroCoin a Wallet?

SpectroCoin is a wallet, crypto exchange, and digital management system, all in one. Users can trade/manage/exchange their digital assets with the crypto (and blockchain) wallets. SpectroCoin is one of the more compelling external wallets that you can use for many payments and exchanges.

How Do You Buy Bitcoins on SpectroCoin?

Buying Bitcoins on SpectroCoin is a simple process. To purchase any cryptocurrency, you should log in to the platform and add credits to your account. You can top up your account with any payment mentioned above and buy any altcoin. While buying Bitcoins, take notice of the exchange rates as transactions might be irreversible.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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