YouHodler Review 2024: Exploring YouHodler’s Features and Services

YouHodler is a crypto lending space headquartered in Switzerland that offers users minimal interest loans by pledging their cryptocurrency as collateral, which helps them save funds. YouHodler is a crypto-backed loan service provider, and it is established on the idea that if the users HOLD their cryptos during down markets and sell them when the market goes up.

The YouHodler exchange allows users to borrow fiat anytime based on the present value of crypto assets. Since its inception, the platform has developed exponentially. It has become one of the well-known crypto-banks by offering its customers 50+ supported coin investments, including BTC, UNI, ETH, BNB, etc., along with stablecoins like USDC, USDT, TUSD, DAI, PAX, HUSD, etc. And also, YouHodler adds 5 coins per quarter.

YouHodler Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Switzerland
Found in 2018
Native Token No
Listed Cryptocurrencies 50+
Supported Fiat Currencies USD, EUR, CHF, GBP
Minimum Deposit $100
Deposit Fees Bank wire – 0 (except USD SWIFT – 25 USD fee per deposit, EUR SWIFT – 25 EUR fee per deposit)Credit card – 1% if depositing with AdvCash account and 4.5% with any other account.Crypto – 0Stablecoins – 0
Trading Pairs N/A
Trading Fees Average
Withdrawal Limit For Bank card – 2 USD / 2 EUR
For Bank wire – 500 for USD; 50 for EUR; 500 for CHF and GBP
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Currency
APY 12%
App Yes
Customer Service/Support Email, Live chat, and Help Center

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Understanding YouHodler

According to the YouHodler reviews, this platform was established in 2018. YouHodler offers crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto financial services. The users can get guaranteed financial returns when they deposit crypto funds; also, they can borrow funds against their crypto holdings. They can also convert cryptocurrencies to fiat money, to another crypto, or use stablecoins.

Using YouHodler exchange, users can get cheaper fiat loans in EUR, USD, GBP, CHF using crypto as collateral. It offers several crypto investment options to users worldwide; they do not offer services to Iraq, China, Bangladesh, North Korea, and the US.

As per the YouHodler review, this exchange is a member of the blockchain association and the financial commission in Western Switzerland. It also serves as an outlet for any dispute resolution outside their platform.

This platform is defined as a centralized finance service, and it has users from 180 countries. YouHodler adds compound interest every week to the user’s account. Users can earn more profit if they do not want to withdraw their interest. Further interest is calculated every 6 hours approximately.

YouHodler Review User InterfaceYouHodler Review – Platform Interface

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How to Use YouHodler?

Using the YouHodler platform offers a hassle-free experience. The user can find whatever they want to know about cryptocurrency investment and the ownership of cryptos. They can use this platform to make the most out of their crypto assets.

One of the simple and efficient tools offered by the platform is the YouHodler wallet. It allows the users to hold their cryptocurrencies for investment purposes; they can also convert their fiat or crypto assets and store them in the wallet.

Using the YouHodler crypto-to-fiat wallet, the user can manage their funds, get loans, and start crypto savings account with this platform.

How to Obtain a Loan At YouHodler?

The most appealing feature of YouHodler is its capacity to offer loans to its users; this can be compared to hedging. It provides a simple and flexible option to get into the cryptocurrency market.

Their crypto-backed credit line permits the users/customers to borrow money. They can receive money instantly; in this way, the user need not touch their crypto holdings which eliminates several risks associated with investment decision making.

The next step is to create an account, transfer more cryptos to the wallet. The user can request a loan, and they need to check all the loan options available regarding the loan duration, extend loan duration, price down limit, and the loan-to-value ratio. After clicking the loan of their choice, it gets approved in a few seconds.

The user can get back their initial collateral anytime if they repay their loan. They can also manage their loans through the in-built loan calculator.

This exchange accepts different crypto coins as collateral, and their loan-to-value ratio is offered up to 90%. This is considered a competitive price in this sector which makes them the leader in the cryptocurrency lending space.

YouHodler Reviews - Crypto Loans by YouHodlerYouHodler Reviews – Crypto Loans by YouHodler

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Key Services Offered by YouHodler

  • Initially, YouHodler started as a one-dimensional platform for lending or crypto loan. In just two years, it has evolved as a full-fledged ecosystem by offering an extensive crypto-fiat financial service. In this way, this platform helps crypto investors make the most out of the price fluctuation of the cryptocurrencies without the need to trade them.
  • The main priority for any cryptocurrency loan provider is to safeguard their cryptocurrency assets. Compared to other traditional financial institutions, cryptocurrencies are highly susceptible to security breaches; YouHodler offers users an exclusive cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to use their services safely and efficiently.
  • YouHodler’s wallet service can be accessed on the mobile device through an app, and it also offers a wallet for storing the cryptocurrencies on the platform.
  • YouHodler crypto lending products offer users to borrow cash using the cryptocurrency as collateral assets without selling them. This can be achieved through the crypto collateral-backed loans process.
  • Some of the other features include MultiHODL and Turbocharge, similar to margin trading tools that help users multiply a certain crypto asset using instant cash loans.
  • YouHodler savings accounts offer a high yield, and they are a safe and secure way to earn interest through stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Users interested in investing in cryptocurrencies with YouHodler to earn interest will receive their interest directly to their crypto wallet. Also, YouHodler supports not only digital currencies but also fiat.
  • They also have a simple one-click exchange with best industry rates.

YouHodler Review - Exchange Service by YouHodlerYouHodler Review – Exchange Service by YouHodler

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Crypto Loans Offered by YouHodler

YouHodler allows the user to deposit their crypto in their exchange for a loan in EUR or USD. This platform offers three different option crypto loans for their customers:

Coin/Token Withdrawal Fee
For 30 days LTV 90%
For 60 days LTV 70%
For 180 days LTV 50%

If the LTV is higher, the less the crypto the user needs to deposit. If an LTV is 50%, then the user needs to deposit twice the amount of their cryptocurrencies for their loan amount. The loan fee will be charged from 2 to 8%.

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How to Request a Loan at YouHodler?

Here are the steps to requesting a loan with YouHodler:

  • This platform provides several options for applying for the first loan in fiat or Bitcoin. Also, they can use their different types of altcoins that can be pledged as collateral to process the initial loan. Moreover, You can check the best BTC loan sites here to get more details.
  • The first step is applying for a loan online and pledging their crypto portfolio assets by making a request. The user receives the agreed loan amount in fiat currency instantly; fiat currency will be in EUR, GBP, USD, Bitcoins, or stablecoins. When the loan is repaid, they can receive their collateral back, even if the crypto value of the collateral has increased.
  • YouHodler makes the loan process much easier. The user need not wait for loan eligibility criteria or for credit checks to be completed. The first process will be completed when the user confirms their account and their collateral.

Loan Terms and Amounts of YouHodler

According to the YouHodler review, YouHodler provides various loans for the user to choose from with their own set of conditions. It offers three loan durations like 30 days with an LTV of 90%, 60 days with an LTV of 70%, and 180 days with an LTV of 50%.

The loan’s interest rate is determined by the type of loan chosen by the user and not according to the amount of collateral offered by the user. Further, all the users have the same interest rate, and one can anticipate when the community grows, there will be a further decrease in the interest rates. YouHodler has YouHodler’s affiliate program; this way, it motivates other people to invite them through referral links and earn crypto simultaneously.

Special Offers

YouHodler regularly has promos with lowered fees or sometimes even 0% fee loans. To check the latest offers, go to their website.

YouHodler Reviews - Instant Loans from YouHodlerYouHodler Reviews – Instant Loans from YouHodler

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Key Features of YouHodler

Here are the important features offered by YouHodler:

  • When it comes to generating good returns on YouHodler and getting a passive income option, YouHodler provides savings accounts for its users. This account is similar to earning interest payments from a traditional savings account. Rather than depositing fiat currencies like USD, the user deposits their cryptocurrencies.
  • When the funds are added to the account, the user will automatically earn interest, and they are paid every week. Additionally, they can keep their crypto interest in their account and earn a compounded interest if they are interested.
  • If the user is planning to hold their cryptocurrencies for the long term, but if they need urgent cash, this platform helps them to borrow fiat by pledging their cryptos as collateral. In this way, the user can get immediate access to fiat cash without selling their crypto assets. When the user repays an outstanding loan, they will get their crypto back. When the crypto prices move up, they can be assured that they will not miss out on the bull run.
  • MultiHODL is the best choice for those who like to increase their risk to get bigger rewards. MultiHODL is an innovative tool that helps users to increase their funds and to maximize their potential profits. Using MultiHODL, the users can keep 80% of their crypto deposits in their crypto savings account that offers a guaranteed fixed income. On the other hand, the remaining 20% of the assets will be allocated for speculation and high reward Investments that do not offer bigger risk.
  • One of the unique tools that the YouHodler team offers its users is Turbocharge, where they can get a chain of loans. When the user predicts a bull run, they would like to accumulate more cryptos for gaining maximum profits. With this Turbocharge feature, users can use their borrowed fiat money to repay their previous loan and purchase additional cryptos without any commission. Also, they can use their purchased crypto and pledge them as collateral for other loans.

YouHodler Reviews - Features of YouHodlerYouHodler Reviews – Features of YouHodler

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YouHodler Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Supports crypto-fiat currency and crypto-crypto conversions. It does not offer the highest returns for stablecoins when compared with other platforms.
High LTV ratio and weekly compound interest. The minimum deposit is $100.
Extensively monitored and safe platform. It does not provide higher Bitcoin lending returns.
Offers flexible loan repayment options.
The users need not undergo credit checks.
The user can withdraw profit instantly.
Provides up to 12% APY for stablecoins.

Earn Interest in Your Crypto on YouHodler 

YouHodler is one of the great ways for users to use their digital assets and their fiat currency. In this way, the user can deposit the crypto and earn interest from it. They can do this by transferring their cryptos to their savings verified account to use different types of cryptocurrency.

If the user does not have the correct crypto type, they need to convert them into fiat. Further, the user can earn returns up to 12% interest annually. Also, they can get weekly interest on the deposited crypto.

YouHodler Reviews - Earn Crypto upto 12.3% a Year with YouHodlerYouHodler Reviews – Earn Crypto upto 12.3% a Year with YouHodler

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How Do Crypto Loans Work on YouHodler?

The first step is to transfer crypto to the YouHodler wallet. This platform accepts several cryptocurrencies as collateral; it does not charge any fees for crypto withdrawals and deposits.

The approval of the instant crypto loans takes only a few seconds, and the user need not find any peer-to-peer platform for this process. They can instantly receive fiat currencies like USD, EUR, CHF, or stablecoins.

Further, crypto-backed loans are just like pawn shop secured loans. The user uses collateral to secure a loan in the crypto exchange. When the loan is repaid, the borrower gets their crypto back. 

The user can get back their crypto collateral anytime, and they can repay the loan through stablecoins, personal credit card, or bank wire transfer. Get more answers from here. The platform provides a help center for users to solve their small doubts like how to use the YouHodler services or anything on their own.

YouHodler Reviews - How a Crypto Loan Works on YouHodler?YouHodler Reviews – How a Crypto Loan Works on YouHodler?

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Opening a YouHodler Savings Account

One of the easiest ways to start earning passive online income is through the savings account offered by the platform. This platform offers different stablecoins and cryptocurrencies to select from. Further, the interest rates start from 3% to 12%, and also there is a compound interest offered to the users.

To begin with, the user needs to sign up or create an account and open a savings account on the platform, verify their ID, and start depositing the cryptocurrency of their choice into their wallet. Instantly YouHodler will start calculating their interest, and they will update the earnings every 4 hours, paying the profit to the users every seven days.

Further, users can deposit funds worth $100,000 cryptocurrencies into their YouHodler account. If they want to earn interest for the amount above $100,000, they can open a MultiHODL position, thereby earning interest on the value of the entire amount.

YouHodler Cryptocurrency Wallet App

YouHodler provides a wallet app where the user can exchange, store, and spend 32 cryptocurrencies and 8 stablecoins. It also offers crypto rewards, crypto loans integrated and staking. The wallet app is available in the Google play store and Apple app store. In this way, it makes it easier for the users to manage their crypto portfolios on the go.

YouHodler Reviews - YouHodler Crypto Wallet AppYouHodler Reviews – YouHodler Crypto Wallet App

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Is YouHodler a Safe Platform?

YouHodler valuable crypto assets are insured with LedgerVault. The users can enable three-factor authentication if they have assets worth more than $10,000. YouHodler is a blockchain association member, which implies that the user can go for dispute resolution using this authority outside the platform.

This platform complies with EU regulations and laws, which have a competitive edge compared with other platforms from a legal vantage. Also, it monitors the transactions and prevents illegal schemes like money laundering and fund sponsoring for terrorism.

YouHodler Security

YouHodler secures their client funds in cold storage, and it is safe and offline. YouHodler has partnered with several reputable banks in Switzerland and Europe to safely store their user’s borrowed funds. Further, it legally binds the contract and follows EU guidelines and rules.

The global security leader LedgerVault secures the funds of YouHodler customers and offers an extra multi-authorization self custody method for its users.

YouHodler Customer Service/Support

YouHodler offers the best customer service/support team when compared with other crypto lending platforms. It offers a dedicated help section where the users can learn about how certain products work and the platform’s loan terms and conditions.

Customers can make use of their help section to research different products like Turbocharge loan or MultiHODL. The user can contact the support team through live chat or send an email to [email protected].

YouHodler Reviews - YouHodler Customer SupportYouHodler Reviews – YouHodler Customer Support

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YouHodler Review: Final Thoughts

To conclude, YouHodler is a legitimate platform and offers different features for cryptocurrency holders in various ways. This platform is well suited for cryptocurrency holders who would like to earn interest instead of keeping their cryptos idle in their best crypto wallets. As per the YouHodler review, YouHodler is not the best option for long-term borrowings as it charges high-interest rates.

However, if the user is looking for a short-term loan for their cash flow requirements, YouHodler is the best choice. It opens up several new opportunities for the users to save their cryptos instead of selling them. If the user needs cash, they do not have to liquidate their cryptocurrencies; they can borrow cash with a minimum interest rate.

YouHodler Reviews - Why Choose YouHodler?YouHodler Reviews – Why Choose YouHodler?

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Is YouHodler Legit?

According to the YouHodler review, YouHodler is a legit platform that offers a faster and easy way to secure a loan. It helps the users to trade and lend their cryptocurrencies all in one platform.

Can the Us Customers Use YouHodler?

According to the YouHodler reviews, this platform is not the best bet for users in need of long-term loans as interest rates are very high. But if the user needs instant money, this platform offers an easy-to-use solution. Further, US customers cannot use this platform as it is not available in the United States of America.

Where Is YouHodler Based?

YouHodler is based in Cyprus, and its operations are carried out in Switzerland.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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