Lens becomes permissionless

Since the protocol’s inception, its purpose has been to enable human connection through novel ownership mechanisms in regard to created content, social graph, and data.

In the early stages, the decision was made to operate in beta while addressing concerns related to upgradeability and safety. Protocol priority supported over 400 applications developed by the community. Numerous projects were entirely open source, with an estimated one hundred contributors.

Then, in response to the ever-evolving priorities of Web2 social, Lens established a thriving community of crypto conventionals in search of an on-chain alternative. After six months, in excess of 100,000 users became affiliated with the applications via Lens. In addition to 11 million followers and 2.2 million comments, the community generated over 37 million social transactions, including 5 million posts and 4.5 million mirrors.

Nevertheless, they have been refining Lens’ capabilities for the past eighteen months, and community feedback indicates that they wished to implement permissionless.

Lens created the Momoka infrastructure for data scaling. This contributed to the modularity of Lens’s open actions. It also provided techniques for constructing sophisticated graphs using the Lens API. The governance factors were subsequently decentralized through the implementation of the Lens Improvement Protocol (LIP) process. Over the course of the period, there has been a growing demand for on-chain social activities.

Lens moved swiftly to implement decentralization onchain after a community-driven LIP garnered widespread support. The deeper Lens community will collaborate with the primary Lens team in the future to advance the protocol.

The first phase will consist of network upgrades intended for the onboarding of new users. The subsequent stage will involve the creation of an improved iteration of the social network, which will offer users increased authority regarding their proprietorship.

The transition of Lens to a permissionless protocol eliminates all development-related obstacles. This will collectively stimulate innovation to a greater extent.

Trevor Holman

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