Lepricon to Use Chainlink VRF in the Pot O’ Gold NFT Draw

One of the most primary features of blockchain tech is the fair play it facilitates in lotteries and games. A real-life example of the same will be facilitated when Lepricon will use Chainlink VRF in the Pot O’ Gold NFT Draw.

Speculations regarding unfair plays in lotteries and draws are a norm, but the announcement by Lepricon will prove to be a viable milestone for blockchain tech. (VRF) Verifiable Randomness Function by Chainlink can prove once and for all that blockchain prompts fair play like no other technology.

Leprechaun is a renowned blockchain-based prediction and gaming platform. Its partnership with the industry-leading tech by Chainlink will open doors for the blockchain sector. Chainlink is known for its VRF and RNG tech, specially prepared for smart contracts. It allows tamper-proof proceedings with on-chain proof of random numbers’ integrity.

The draw will reward one of the ninety contributors partaking in the NFT sale. The reward will be one of the seven esteemed Pot O’ Non-Fungible Tokens. The winner will be guaranteed a lifetime APY of 77% in the L3P native governance tokens staking pool.

Facilitating the Biggest Example of Fair Play

Lepricon is launching three in-house games, namely KQJ, Bitpool, and FansPredict. KQJ is a card-based game where users make predictions. Bitpool uses a unique prediction formula for users to enjoy. FansPredict offers an exciting real-life sports prediction game.

The winner of the Pot O’ Gold NFTs will get a grand opportunity of holding 77% of APY for a lifetime on L3P, which will be staked in Lepricon’s staking platform. The platform is set to be released in Apr 2021, and choosing Chainlink’s VRF will enhance its proceedings.

VRF collaborates with block data, and after initiating a request with the Oracle node’s committed private key, it generates a cryptographic proof and a random number. It is designed only to accept random numbers and viable crypto proof. The node can merely generate viable proof if the process is tamper-free. Lepricon’s announcement to use Chainlink VRF in the Pot O’ Gold Non-Fungible Token Draw is the best example of fair play used in the modern lottery system. This move will pave the path for blockchain tech to be used on different lotteries and prediction platforms.

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