LetsExchange, Invity, and Trezor Integrate to Benefit Crypto Traders and Investors

LetsExchange, a multi-currency instant exchange platform that offers services with more than 100,000 crypto pairs, has recently announced its integration with Invity.io, a cryptocurrency exchange comparison platform, and Trezor Suite, a coin-management app for the top crypto hardware wallet called Trezor. This integration allows cryptocurrency users to gain access to additional crypto exchange offers along with competitive fees on the Invity site and swap more than 350 crypto coins in the Trezor Suite.

LetsExchange was launched in 2021, and it has developed a global crypto ecosystem for instant and seamless crypto swaps. Besides offering straightforward digital exchange functionality and features to its clients, the platform also provides convenient toolsets for other platforms to integrate. As the list of partnerships continues to grow, you can access seamless crypto swaps backed by LetsExchange through several exchange aggregators, media outlets, and crypto-wallets. 

LetsExchange allows transactions without signing up or registering for KYC procedures. The users can trade with floating and fixed rates in order to increase their gains to the maximum level.

Invity.io has expanded its list of supported cryptos and trading offers by integrating with this ecosystem. Users can effortlessly compare the offers available on LetsExchange and other cryptocurrency platforms while initiating swaps on Invity to select the ideal option with optimal conditions and rates. Invity focuses on allowing a reliable and effortless exchange experience and enables newcomers and experienced cryptocurrency investors to exchange more digital coins at better rates, all through one user interface.

Because Invity enables the crypto exchange feature for Trezor Suite, all of LetsExchange’s extra cryptocurrencies, offers, and advantages are now available to thousands of Trezor hardware wallet customers.

The Trezor Suite browser and the desktop app allow several seamless hundreds of cryptos in a secure digital wallet environment that functions with autonomy, which means there is no need to visit the exchange platform to transfer funds. Users can also purchase and spend digital coins from the Trezor Suite platform.

As stated by Invity’s CEO, Štěpán Uherík, the platform shares similar missions and visions with its partners from LetsExchange and Trezor, and the main goal is to boost Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrency adoption by enabling the secure and simple exchange of digital assets. The CEO also mentioned that this integration with LetsExchange will further this goal by providing the whole crypto community with multiple benefits such as a wide variety of crypto coins and high-level security and privacy while trading.

About LetsExchange

LetsExchange is a multi-currency instant exchange that offers crypto services free of custody, complications, and limits. The exchange provides a beginner-friendly and attractive user interface, fast, automated transactions, and instant, hassle-free access. The exchange helps its users save time to reap the most benefit out of crypto swaps during an exchange process.

About Invity

Started in 2019, Invity is a private company based out of the Czech Republic. It offers crypto exchange comparison tools that compile rates of the best cryptocurrency transaction providers for the users to have the best options to exchange, purchase and sell cryptos all from one place. Invity aims to expose its users to the crypto world with a straightforward interface and adequate educational resources, irrespective of their experience or technical knowledge about the subject. Invity.io is highly secure and powers the trading platform in hardware wallets by Trezor. For more information, check https://invity.io.

About Trezor

A SatoshiLabs member, Trezor, is a private company based in the Czech Republic. Trezor’s first product, its hardware wallet, is the first hardware crypto wallet globally, developed in 2013. Trezor Model T is the popular flagship item that brought about new security measures into the crypto world, such as the full-color touchscreen. 

SatoshiLabs Group also created over 22 innovative privacy and security standards such as Passphrase, Shamir Backup, and Recovery seed that substantially enhance the entire online security industry. Currently, SatoshiLabs continues to be open-source worldwide, thereby making the top security solutions more accessible to everyone, everywhere. Learn more at www.trezor.io.

Trevor Holman

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