LI.FI announces integration with Vybe

LI.FI has announced integration with Vybe, a mobile application that enables its users to move digital tokens from one account to another. The integration will now play a crucial role in making the process seamless, courtesy of LI.FI’s SDK. Transactions are expected to happen almost instantly with just a few clicks by the customer. While the actual time to complete the transaction could take a few more seconds than expected, the integration sets a bar in the industry for greater things to come.

Users can now seamlessly swap their digital assets – MATIC or USDC – without feeling the heat in terms of time and cost. LI.FI, in the announcement, has expressed confidence that this will bring an unparalleled experience.

LI.FI, in simple words, is a single API for decentralized finance liquidity, also known as DeFi liquidity. It will help explore the potential of all the elements of Vybe. This includes abstracting away chains, seed phrases, swapping, and bridging. All of it will be made available in a mobile experience of a user’s favorite payment application.

Swapping is currently not restricted to any pair, irrespective of the order. Meaning one can swap MATIC for USDC or the other way around. No matter the combination or priority, LI.FI and Vybe will get the swapping done instantly. LI.FI has said that they are thrilled to support Vybe’s operations and help them achieve the mission of onboarding the next billions of users.

LI.FI will do so by automatically finding the best route for swapping the tokens. Choosing a route will depend on which one is available when a user submits their request for the swap of a digital token.

Vybe is a mobile application that facilitates the transfer of digital value from one person to another. It eliminates the need for private key management and seed phrases. Key benefits of Vybe are zero fees and secure transfers. This is done by deploying the capabilities of Smart Contract Wallet Infrastructure, Account Abstraction, and MPC technology. Moving forward, Vybe is aiming to further make the swapping experience flexible for businesses and individuals alike.

Some of the unique features of Vybe are:

  • Simple user experience
  • Non-custodial
  • Social Feed
  • Fiat Onramp
  • IDs
  • Swaps

Existing users of Vybe can register for the Galxe campaign to win a Good Vybe Points booster and a Lizard DAO NFT. The time window for participation in the campaign is from July 25, 2023, to August 01, 2023.

LI.FI has added support for thirteen bridges in over 15 chains that are EVM compatible. It is an advanced bridge and DEX aggregator that sports smart routing capabilities for finding the best route. LI.FI believes that Web3 must extend its accessibility to millions of users and millions of developers with no difference whatsoever.

LI.FI is confident about its SDK, highlighting that it is the ultimate cross-chain money lego for decentralized applications.

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