Libre launches a dedicated chain created with Polygon CDK

Libre, the latest substitute investment framework targeting asset managers and suppliers, delivers an exclusive chain created with the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK). This is for providing exceptional connectivity with substitute investment funds internationally.

Libre aims to facilitate alternative investments’ lawful and certified compliant release and automated life cycle management. It aids in bolstering the capacity of internationally recognized organizations to develop and distribute their own on-chain tokenized assets. Hamilton Lane, a leading private markets investment management firm, and Brevan Howard, a leading substitute investment management firm, will be the first organizations to affiliate with Libre.

With the launch of Libre, WebN Group—an incubation hub for fintech and Web3 innovators backed by Alan Howard—and Laser Digital—backed by Nomura—are able to assist wealth advisors and asset managers in expanding their distribution capabilities through the secure and reliable streamlining of operational, regulatory, and legal workflows.

Libre actively participates in the substitute assets ecosystem, offering connectivity with supplementary solutions such as collateralized financing and automated trading of separately managed accounts (SMAs).

According to Bain & Co., tokenization will facilitate an advanced communication system with substitute investments, contributing an additional $400 million annually to revenue in the substitute sector. An estimated $150 trillion, or a portion of the $290 trillion in total international wealth, is held by individual investors.

This is a watershed moment for the alternative investment industry as a whole, as it indicates that more institutions are considering implementing blockchain technology to facilitate access to alternative investments for a broader range of investors.

Libre will go active in the first quarter of 2024. It has worked with a number of top worldwide vendors. Supplier connectivity has been simplified by API accessibility, allowing for continuous integration with Libre’s whole suite of wealth management tools, as well as data and framework.

According to Dr. Avtar Sehra, the CEO and Founder of Libre, it was their intention to introduce the mission of Livre. MVP aims to increase AUM by delivering the initial issuance solution and encouraging supplier inclusion. They are working with their associates to realize their 2024 product game plan, including collateralized lending and automated portfolio restructuring.

Libre is currently an essential component of many projects that use and experiment with Polygon CDK, such as OKX, Astar, Canto, and many others. Polygon CDK allows developers to generate and distribute ZK L2s on Ethereum.


According to Polygon’s Co-Founder, Sandeep Nailwal, they are thrilled that Libre chose Polygon CDK’s upgradeability and safety features to change the face of the alternative investment arena.

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