LIFTY joins hands with Blockchain Game Alliance

Blockchain Gaming Alliance has, through its official Twitter handle, announced joining hands with LIFTY, a Web3 gaming platform. Details of the partnership are limited to the facts stated above; however, it has been clarified that LIFTY will bring a lot to the table. This includes the ability to track personal stats, gam3s analytics, and top players in Web3 games.

Needless to say, the community is looking forward to both parties rolling out more details about their partnership along with the key objectives based on which the partnership has been formed.

Blockchain Game Alliance to attend NFT.NYC 2023

Blockchain Gaming Alliance, also known as BGA, has published an official blog post to announce that it will mark its presence at the leading NFT event, NFT.NYC 2023. Furthermore, this collaboration is highly essential as it brings the power of Web3 Gaming to NFT.NYC 2023. It will help to spread awareness of the blockchain industry by highlighting its power to design, play, create, and the power of constructing communities around games.

It is scheduled to start on April 12, 2023, and conclude on April 14, 2023. Supported by Immutable, the event will see BGA bring gaming non-fungible tokens and Web3 games for display.

A total of three BGA members will demonstrate three games, namely Cross the Ages, Reign of Terror, and Last Resort. These can be accessed at the booth near the Brands & Gaming Lounge.

BGA will also host a panel discussion that will be moderated by Flavien Defraire, the Director of Global Development at BGA. Titled NFTs Gaming on Environment, the panel discussion will have two key guest speakers – Martin Harder and Thomas Herman.

Something else is cooking, and the members surely have a reason to get excited. BGA has announced that it will host a pre-event meetup on April 11, 2023. The meetup will commence at 2 pm and conclude at 6 pm. It will have different sessions, with some of them enabling the participants to connect with others and build a network in the community.

Moreover, participants will be able to get insight into how investors judge a project before investing. The concluding phase of the pre-event meetup will allow participants to pitch directly to select investors. The event will be hosted at OASIS by Workville, and priority for the seats will be given to BGA members. Interested participants can sign up through an official link shared by BGA.

The pre-event meetup will also host a panel discussion focusing on the subject titled Why to invest in Web3 gaming, followed by a Q&A session. Participants will be able to pitch their ideas after a break of 20 minutes.

A list of speakers in the panel discussion is yet to be shared, but the session can be expected to yield fruitful results.


BGA’s participation in NFT.NYC 2023 and hosting a pre-event meetup align with the mission of spreading awareness about blockchain technologies while encouraging adoption among the community.

BGA has published the April edition of its magazine, wherein it has written about upcoming events and collaborations. The BGA Magazine can be accessed through the official link.

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