Lights, Camera, NFT Bonanza!

Star-studded “NFT Bonanza” event to be hosted by Mogul Productions

NFT’s are no stranger to the world of entertainment. Creative and performing artists embrace it because it minimizes the common issues associated with digital assets, such as piracy, copyright infringement, and plagiarism. It has been seen in various applications beyond ownership of digital graphics, photography, and memes. These include album releases, video footage from popular events, and documentaries. NFTs are also making their way into Tinseltown, and it’s making a grand entrance.

NFT’s Meet Tinseltown

As part of a crucial NFT drop to concur the official launch of its NFT marketplace on September 15, 2021.  Mogul Productions, a decentralized film financing (DeFiFi) and movie-based NFT platform that brings together movie fans, creators, and financiers, is hosting an “NFT Bonanza.” This event will contain 11 one-of-a-kinds NFTs. Each will include an invite to the in-person red carpet premiere of Reboot Camp, Mogul Productions’ recent film collaboration, and a gala meet with the esteemed stars of the movie and filmmakers. The NFT buyers will meet with Nicole Aniston, rapper/actor Ja Rule, and David Koechner of The Office.

This premier event will occur at the renowned Cinelounge Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard on September 21, at 3:30 p.m. PDT. The NFT buyers can bring a guest to be introduced to the cast and crew for autographs and pictures. They will also have the opportunity to mingle at the afterparty with a guest list of almost 150 people. The event will also be streamed live on the YouTube channel of Mogul Productions.

Not the First Splash Made by Mogul Productions

Mogul Productions has hosted many events in the past that garnered headlines for originality. 

The company made headlines in May 2021 for hosting a live-streamed event in which an original painting, created by world-renowned Marvel and DC Comics Artist Rob Prior, was burnt to prove that the future of art, and Wall Street, is meant to be on the blockchain. In August 2021, the company hosted a distinct movie vote on its platform, as a part of Mogul’s mission of having its own STARS token be the de facto crypto used for NFTs in Hollywood films. The virality of the event demonstrated the desire of fans & cinephiles to be placed at the heart of movie production. 

The NFT series that is part of the NFT Bonanza event was made in partnership with the Reboot Camp team Tina Sutakanat, producer, Ivo Raza, writer/director, David Lipper, lead/producer, and the stars of Reboot Camp, together with David Lipper (Full House), Jessica Belkin, and Chaz Bono of American Horror Story. The marketplace will include various digital collectibles, such as deleted scenes, paintings, and props. There will also be a selection of 25 NFT movie posters which are digitally signed. Each poster includes an individualized screener of the film tailored by the leading director and actor.

NFT Marketplace for Movie Fans

The Mogul Productions NFT marketplace will serve as a platform for movie buffs to engross with moviemakers and their fav projects in more significant ways. On this platform, everyone can buy anything in the form of NFTs. 

According to Lisa Sun, Mogul Productions’ Founder & President, the launch of the NFT marketplace served as “the perfect opportunity to join with amazing talents on this distinct collection of 1/1 digital artworks, giving film fans just a taste of what’s to come.” Mogul Productions stimulates engagement and participation by using NFTs, blockchain, and tokenomics. 

The rate at which NFT’s are becoming mainstream is astounding, and the world is its oyster. Now that it’s beginning to take Hollywood by storm, we as a collective can expect to see its adoption reach new heights shortly.

Trushti Patel

Trushti Patel is a news writer and a regular contributor to CryptoNewsZ. She always stays up-to-date with the latest happenings regarding the world of crypto. She is also sound in technical analysis.

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