Limechain’s Developer Product Integrates Etherlime with Chainlink for Rapid DApp Development

Blockchain-based solutions provider Limechain has launched a developer product, “Etherlime Chainlink Shape,” that combines Etherlime and Chainlink to reduce the time taken for developing Decentralized Apps (DApps).

Etherlime developed by Limechain is an Ethereum development framework based on ethers.js. Chainlink is a decentralized oracle that provides off-chain data for smart contracts.

Etherlime allows the development of “shapes,” which is a boilerplate project which can be used by developers. Boilerplate refers to code which can be added by a developer with little or no alteration. Thus, a developer does not have to type code, which is necessary but repetitive. Some commonly used shapes of Etherlime are React, Angular, Vue, and Monoplasma.

On the cli-command, the “Etherlime Chainlink shape” creates a DApp with all settings for running it generated automatically, which gets data from Chainlink.

Limechain’s Co-founder, George Spasov, said,

This integration will significantly speed up the process of creating, testing and deploying new dApps that base their business logic on data provided by the Chainlink system. The developers that prefer Etherlime and ethers.js now have viable options to develop their, fast, stable and scalable DApps that incorporate real-world data and systems.

In its statement announcing the launch of the “Etherlime Chainlink Shape,” Limechain Team said,

The Chainlink shape we’ve developed presents a smart contract that uses the Chainlink ecosystem (a decentralized oracle that can provide external data to smart contracts). It contains a Chainlinked contract that has the ability, for example, to send a request to the CoinMarketCap API for the most recent price of any given coin in any particular market. It also records received data on the blockchain and comes with scripts for local and test net (Ropsten) deployment. The provided tests show examples for local usage of the contract and an already deployed testnet contract that is filled with Link tokens needed to make requests.

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