Limited Time Taco Bell Hotel Reservations Sell Out In Two Minutes

Over the years, plenty of the leading brands in the world have started initiatives that are meant to create much greater levels of interaction with the customers. However, when it comes to consumer-facing businesses like fast food restaurants, then it is a far more important tactic and one that has often been used by the biggest brands. The latest fast-food chain to start such an initiative is Taco Bell, the famed Mexican fast-food chain. The company has decided to take over a hotel in Palm Springs and offer limited time stays to guests.

Although anyone can book a room at the hotel, it is clearly aimed at fans of the Yum Brands-owned fast-food giant, and it was not a surprise when the reservations for the hotel sold out in two minutes. The hotel opened for reservation at around 1 PM on Thursday, but within minutes the rooms had been sold out, and in addition to that, the website kept crashing as the deluge of Taco Bell fans into the website proved to be too much to bear for the servers.

The hotel in question is the V Palm Springs located in California, and it will start its operations on the 8th of August. The whole initiative will come to an end on the 12th of August. The rooms are priced at $169 and going upwards. However, it should be added that no minimum stay stipulation applies to this particular hotel. Julie Felss Masin, the President of the company’s operations in the United States, stated that the whole thing is an initiative to give the fans of Taco Bell an unforgettable experience. Guests will be able to order some of their favorite items from the Taco Bell menu during their stay at the hotel, and it is not really a surprise that the hotel got sold out in a matter of mere minutes. Marissa Thalberg, who is the Chief Global Brand Officer at the company, stated,

Taco Bell fans are truly one of a kind and today was one of the best expressions of that fandom yet.

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