LINE discloses its B-PLAN & vision for 2023

LINE Blockchain has made a public declaration of its business plans for the year 2023. Along with that, there is also a mention of all of the past achievements and an overall vision statement of the company. In a broader sense, LINE plans to launch the public mainnet, along with introducing a new token-based economy and governance. It also mentions the fact that there has been an addition of over two million global wallets that are based on the LINE Blockchain over a period of just one month. 

LINE Blockchain as an entity happens to be the absolute top messenger platform in the whole of Asia. The company’s vision statement happens to be the creation of a blockchain for every person, which will also include their own 194 million and more users. Where the past scenario is concerned, they have been able to successfully set up the base for an ecosystem. They have also been providing products to create a link between Web2 and Web3, such as the vertical platform and the NFT platform. 

There also happens to be the blockchain wallet, the crypto exchange, and also the blockchain mainnet. It also happens to be a fact that they have successfully created NFT products that have seen tremendous growth prospects. Besides other factors, they have been responsible for offering the most effective token economy framework in Japan. They have also been instrumental in increasing global resources in the case of the mass adoption of Web3. 

As a part of its future plans, they happen to be in the process of introducing its very first public mainnet. There happens to be the prospect of Finschia being the most convenient choice in terms of upgradable Web3 services. A fresh token economy will also be introduced to optimize the token requirement. An absolutely fresh governance module will be set in place to bring about further clarity, as well as upgradability. There will also be the optimization of LINK (LN)’s liquidity, as well as connectivity issues. The aim of the entity also lies in assisting one and all to be able to merge with the Web3 ecosystem.

The company also has plans to incorporate wallets to be able to build the new-age Web3 wallet. Along with that, there will be the offering of an NFT framework for the sake of mass users. All connected users will benefit from the backing of multi-currency NFT trading. There will also be the inclusion of different use cases of NFTs which are being created for the various industries.  

Provisions are being made for providing a unique NFT membership called the DOSI Citizen. DOSI, by itself, happens to be one of the fastest-increasing Web3 systems. In the first quarter of the year 2023, there will be the delivery of a global mobile app. A Web3 gaming platform by the name of the game DOSI will be introduced, and it will cater to 3 billion users. There will also be the deliverance of a Web3 Fan community platform, AVA, which will be entirely dedicated to artists and fans. 

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