Linea begins the Voyage period of Web3 gaming with Linea Park

Linea is taking its community of gamers on a voyage period with Linea Park. The ecosystem thrives on bringing a blend of Web3 gaming and social dApps, that is, decentralized applications. The adventure is scheduled to commence on February 20, 2024, and end on April 2, 2024. The flag-off time is 9 a.m. EST for a window duration of 6 weeks. A new quest is promised to be unveiled for players each week.

Defined as a community-driven adventure, Linea said that the ecosystem has been crafted to help set up a virtual world where gamers can experience every possible aspect of innovation. Additionally, participants stand a chance to earn Linea LXP after completing a quest. Making things interesting is the fact that the ecosystem comes loaded with bonus quests, which will remain live for a limited time, unlike basic quests.

There are 10 zones in Linea Park. Each zone has been designed to serve a different purpose. For instance, four Administrative Zones are tasked with guiding players with quests, with the remaining six Theme Zones set to entertain with an immersive experience.

Themes are based on categories like NFTs, action and strategy, and mini-games, to mention a few. Administrative Zones are Park Entrance, VIP Zone, and Referral Zone. VIP Zone brings three tiers: Tier 1 VIP, Tier 2 VIP, and Tier 3 VIP. The imperative distinction is on the grounds of how many LXP tokens a participant has in their wallets. Tier 1 VIP requires 1700 tokens; others require 1200 and 600 LXP tokens, respectively.

Referral Zone, as the name suggests, encourages participants to bring new participants to the ecosystem. This enables them to earn LXP tokens, provided their referrals are successful. Tokens rewarded for their efforts are non-cumulative, ranging from 15 LXP tokens to 200 LXP tokens. Park Entrance makes the first appearance of Linea Park. It sheds light on the operations of the ecosystem and provides education about wallet security.

Theme Zones are World of RPG & MMO, Action & Strategy Arcade, Social World, Experience the East, Mini-Game Gala, and NFT Land.

The World of RPG and MMO will be the first Theme Park to give a sneak peek into the ecosystem. It will be dedicated to role-playing games and multiplayer online games. Action & Strategy Arcade, as self-explanatory as it can be, gives players a chance to deliver the best in their skills pertaining to formulating strategies.

Social World brings together participants and fellow builders via social networking, messaging, and community-building experiences. Games with more colors feature in Experience the East. It further enhances digital content and the world of fantasy. Mini-Game Gala and NFL Land give a moment to celebrate the scope of entertainment plus digital ownership, along with the minting and trading experience.

The first week starts on February 20, 2024, at 9 a.m. EST. Games lined up by Linea are Meta Apes, The Unfettered, Space Falcon-Aviatrix, Rinku-Gamerboom, TownStory Galaxy, and Sidus Heroes-Nidum.

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