Linea introduces a Web3 SocialFi application, Tomo

Linea has announced the launch of a new SocialFi application for users, enabling them to better connect and interact with creators. The basic idea is to have a bridge between social media and DeFi, which is decentralized finance. The implementation of ERC4337I backs Tomo.

That further supports smart contract wallets on the network and offers features like empowering social engagement, innovative voting systems, bonding curve mechanics, and loyalty rewards.

Linea features projects from different backgrounds, including, but not limited to, security, DeFi, and identity. However, it is specifically proud of Tomo, for it attempts to revolutionize the way in which interactions happen between creators and their followers. Needless to say, Tomo aims to replace the Web2 experience instead of working with it, except to the point when it has onboarded all the users.

Tomo facilitates user registration on the platform. The majority of their information will be extracted from the platform they use to sign up, so they won’t have to input every detail manually. Users can utilize Apple, Google, and other supported email services when creating an account. X is an alternative that is only suggested when a user wishes to link their social profile to the platform.

The built-in smart contract wallet gives users complete control over the amount of ETH they want to deposit and how they wish the wallet to function. Limits could be in place—something that will have to be explored before making any stern decision. Bridging happens automatically. Users only have to deposit ETH into their wallet hosted by Tomo. The bridge will link to Linea. Supported wallets, at the time of the announcement, are Trust Wallet and MetaMask, along with Binance.

The speed of transactions is fast enough to offer the experience of a single click to users. Low gas fees simply go on to strengthen the newly established position of Tomo. The availability of multiple feeds empowers users to know what is happening on the platform, and the security of chatting services makes them feel safe while exchanging messages and images. Tomo is working on introducing more innovative features, which will be rolled out after they are deemed safe for users.

Tomo’s philosophy of connecting influencers and users is based on a simple foundation. The goal is what makes it a desired venture in the industry. This includes Proof of Supporting where users can forge connections among themselves, a followership-sharing economy to boost profit sharing between followers and creators, votes for users to express their opinion, and 10% in royalty fees for vote-related transactions.

Bonding Curve provides users with the ability to determine the price of keys and votes, where keys are votes that the mechanism for direct messages has converted.


iOS and Android are hosting Tomo at the moment, with the platform introducing a points system that will soon bring opportunities pertaining to airdrop.

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