Chainlink & Stellar investors look to Raffle Coin’s presale for 25x returns amid market turmoil

Chainlink and Stellar have shown periods of defying market dynamics, even while other tokens turned bearish. In Q2, those assets are still on shaky ground, as the fast rallies are now ending. Investors are turning to more active opportunities tied to tokens that are yet to rally. The new Raffle Coin presale shows the potential to grow into a blue-chip asset, easily reaching 25X returns. 

Chainlink chart confuses short-term traders

Chainlink is yet to choose a definitive direction to trade, with the possibility of both a breakout and a further slide. Chainlink settled around $14.66, with daily trading volumes above $237M.

Chainlink wiped out close to 20% of its price in the past month and has been trading near the lower range for the past four weeks. However, the Chainlink community is still waiting for a breakout and sees more potential if the 2024 bull market continues.

Extreme price predictions for Chainlink reach a valuation of $120. Even this price range may be challenging as investors seek other assets with a 10X potential. Chainlink is still a long-term proposition, requiring some patience from investors. Additionally, the coin’s circulating supply has been growing by about 15% since 2020, suggesting whale wallets or the project’s team may be divesting their tokens. 

Stellar is still stagnant outside the top 30

Stellar remains at position 33 based on its total market capitalization. Losing its visibility among top coins could be one factor behind price stagnation. Stellar is also pressured by its low trading volumes, which hover around $50M in 24 hours.

After a week of corrections, Stellar reached stability around $0.11. For the past month, Stellar has been trading in a tight range, not surpassing $0.15. Stellar is yet to rally more significantly, as it lags behind other assets that peaked during Q1.

Stellar is currently capped at around $3B in nominal value, which for long-term investors is a sign of an undervalued asset. It has maximalist supporters who see the project as reaching mass adoption. However, when it comes to raw potential for returns, Stellar remains riskier, easily wiping out value within days. 

Raffle Coin brings a low baseline price with strong growth potential

Raffle Coin comes bearing gifts and good fortune. As it launches the first stage of its presale, it is starting out with a price of only $0.020. Raffle Coin aims to build a Web3 platform for games of luck and community raffles. Game builders and players will connect only through Raffle Coin’s wallet and will not rely on a middleman.

With a total supply of 777,777,777 tokens, Raffle Coin will offer a mix of utility, staking opportunities, and a revenue-share program. Raffle Coin will distribute 60% of its total coin supply for the series of presales, aiming to reach a wider community. The early buyers will have a deeper discount on their tokens.

Raffle Coin’s team has set aside 5% of the tokens as a reward and will keep the assets vested for two years.

The best time to buy into this project is now! Discover more about the Raffle Coin’s presale by visiting the website here.

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