Liquefy Provides Innovative Blockchain-based Business Models to Real Estate Companies

Using the advances in blockchain technology and digitization, Liquefy is offering innovative business models to companies operating globally across industries. Worth mentioning is the application of the company’s business model in the real estate industry where the marriage of blockchain with the digital prowess of Liquefy is yielding rich dividends to all the stakeholders involved in the process.

Liquefy and Real estate Business Model

Among the shining examples of Liquefy helping the real estate industry is one of the historic deals that the company concluded last year when it digitized assets worth $1 Billion belonging to Gulf families. The Gulf families have come together and made a consortium with which Liquefy struck a partnership to digitally issues securities against the properties. Among the very first properties, digital securities are to be issued for the very luxurious and affluent hotel situated in the prime location of Mayfair. This agreement is one of its kinds and has fully established the credential of Liquefy in digitizing the illiquid assets.

Client-specific Solutions

In addition to the Gulf families, Liquefy is offering its blockchain-based digital solutions to a number of different organizations. The solutions offered by the Liquefy are specific to the needs and expectations of its clients. Take, for instance, the partnership that Liquefy has struck with the NEO global investment. This collaboration has been done in order to develop an ecosystem of the tokens issued by the NEO and will help NEO with the capabilities of allowing its owners to issue security tokens.

Guiding Spirit: Adrian Lai

The chief executive officer (CEO) of Liquefy, Adrian Lai, is very enthusiastic about the prospects of tokenization and its growth potential in the future. Lai has been instrumental in striking the company’s partnership with many leading organizations and leading from the front as the company gears up to expand its footprints in Asia in the first phase of the expansion cycle. One of the key priorities areas for the Lai is to expand the business model of tokenization to include other affluent and exotic assets such as racing horses, sports teams, etc. The company is also focusing upon the launch of its subscription platform that will make it easy for investors to deal with the range of services offered by the company.

In an exclusive interview given to Forbes Magazine, Adrian Lai talked extensively about the future prospects of the company while mentioning key challenges and focus areas for the business of tokenization in the time to come. Admitting the challenge of fundraising and scaling the distribution, Lai emphasized that achieving compliance with various regulatory and jurisdictional provisions across the globe is quite a complicated task. Lai also said that the Middle East is going to play a leading role in spreading the adoption of tokenization in the world and their partnership with the Middle Eastern Investment Group is going to provide the necessary impetus for their growth and expansion.


The tokenization of the assets is in its infancy stage and has a huge potential for growth in the future. Liquefy is leading this evolving business segment and has been offering a range of innovative business models for its clients. Sure there are challenges in the form of compliance and regulatory issues, but the tremendous growth potential of the business makes the tokenization an attractive business for the future.

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