LiquidDriver collaborates with RAMSES on Arbitrum

LiquidDriver has delightedly announced its partnership with RAMSES decentralized exchange, which is an inventive ve (3,3) decentralized exchange on Arbitrum. 

RAMSES is a creative ve (3,3) decentralized exchange that has expertly adapted Andre Cronje’s Solidly vision. It focuses on three main areas: decentralization, functionality, and community. RAMSES is a veNFTs provider to the leading protocols on Arbitrum, helping them to manage their positions in the best interest of their platforms. RAMSES intends to be fully decentralized. Nonetheless, it also maintains functionality and a council of trusted entities from the greater community in order to respond to emergency crises.

RAMSES has raised liquidity in a launch with a 200 ETH ceiling, and they were out of stock in just nine minutes. This depicts the efficiency of their prominent and experienced team and the success of their ve (3,3) model.

Arbitrum, the Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, was selected by RAMSES as their primary network because of its pioneering DeFi initiatives, abundant ecosystem of high-integrity projects, and upcoming EIP-4844 proto-danksharding. This year, the chain has sustained expansion and reached an extraordinary 3.4 billion TVL without slowing down.

The partnership is their other expansion to Arbitrum, providing low-cost transactions and high-speed for DeFi applications. Both platforms will work together to distribute veNFTs to partner protocols like LiquidDriver, creating a vision of modern-day DeFi territory. The duo believes that their stakeholders will benefit from their joint efforts.

Trevor Holman

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