Liquidifty Releases Initial NFT Offering of Monster Racing League

Liquidifty recently announced an Initial NFT Offering of Monster Racing League. The upcoming play-to-earn, multiplayer racing title will release its INO on 1st July at 12:00 UTC.

Combining strategy and skills, Monster Racing League promises players a fun, competitive, and profitable gaming experience. Users can assemble monsters in the game and unlock their abilities.

These monsters can be upgraded and used to race, earn rewards, and unlock new vehicles. Players can even breed them to become the ultimate racing champion. The racing game has intuitively approached the project.

Instead of curating a DeFi ecosystem to iterate on fun gameplay, the Monster Racing League team has created a game with integrated blockchain technology. In other words, Monster Racing League is a genuine game with blockchain technology elements.

The game will reward users based on their skills and employed strategies. Thus, there is always a chance to win, regardless of the monster users own.

Respectively, the monsters are segmented into different tribes. Each of these monsters has unique pros and cons that can be triggered at different stages of the race. A monster can only unlock the ability of the tribe it belongs to. So, players must be cautious with the type of monster they choose and breed.

On the INO front, Liquidifty offers its community a chance to join the upcoming racing title. Users can buy an NFT container for 200 US dollars at the upcoming INO, and these containers will be used to play the game.

Every container gets one Origin Monster with unique rarity, traits, and even a car. Before the race commences, players can choose three different abilities to disrupt the competition and gain an edge.

Some lucky players can even unlock an epic cosmetic from the container. The game offers 95 epic and five legendary cosmetics, which users can get after 1st July. The chances of these skins returning are low, so players must try the INO and give their luck a spin.

Trevor Holman

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