Lisk Announces That All New Features of SDK 3.0.0 Completes the Development Stage

Lisk has announced that it will be hosting an all-day event for developers in Berlin on November 19, 2019. In this event, participants can learn how to make blockchain applications, take part in coding challenges, and attend talks on blockchain technology.

Lisk has also stated that the development of all features planned for Lisk SDK 3.0.0 has completed, and they are now in the QA phase.

Features of SDK 3.0.0:

1) Robust peer selection and banning mechanism (LIP-0004)

2) Mitigate transaction replay on other chains (LIP-0009)

Mitigation of transaction replay on other chains is accomplished by providing a network identifier in the signature of a transaction.

3) Removal of redundant properties from transaction objects (LIP-0012)

The old protocol requires the usage of property-value pairs in JSON objects used for transmitting transactions as well as in the input messages for the transaction signature and generating ID of the transaction. The property pairs are not required, and needlessly end up making the protocol more complex. LIP-0012 removes these redundant properties.

4) Two new mechanisms have been developed from the BFT Consensus protocol (LIP-0014) to improve block synchronization performance,

They are as follows:

  1. Block Synchronization Mechanism: When the difference in block slots of a received block and block slot of the system exceeds three times the delegate number (303), then this algorithm computes the best peer and blocks are applied in chunks to that peer.
  2. Fast Chain Switching Mechanism: If the difference between block received from the network and the latest block with node exceeds two times the number of delegates (202), this mechanism requests for blocks. If all blocks are valid, they are applied. It allows nodes that are in a fork state to catch up with the network faster.

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