Lisk (LSK) Price Analysis: Will Lisk’s Price Continue Its Stable Growth?

  • Leading blockchain platform for dapps
  • Created with mass adoption in mind
  • Circulating Supply is 117,633,236 LSK
  • Steady coin in a bear market

Lisk will make the going easy for developers to build and work on decentralized applications in JavaScript. Its ‘dApp creation’ is a hit with developers because of its efficiency. Lisk’s Sidechain development kit is easy to understand, and anyone can build their own blockchain. Therefore, LSK is considered a blockchain with potential.

LSK Current Statistics:

On June 11, 2019, current statistics at 6:31:00 UTC is

Lisk price chart - june 11

  • The market price of Lisk is $2.05
  • Current market cap is $238,727,604
  • 24 Hour Volume is $8,289,674
  • ROI is at -0.28% but still it is highly ranked at number 39
  • 52 Week High/Low $ 7.35 / $ 1.05

Lisk Price Comparison:

As seen from the above chart, the high/low price points over the past few months were on April 5, 2019, at $2.22 and Jan 1, 2019, at $1.37. The current price is at $2.05. The price movements to the current price have been to the extent of -7.66% / 49.64%. This shows that the price is on the rise and seeing the future potential of Lisk, could reach to the 52 Week High of $ 7.35 by next year.

Lisk Price Prediction:

Lisk was one of the few coins which showed stability in the bear market of 2018. Its advanced application features and easy accessibility has made it one of the more popular coins. Investors are showing their increasing interest in the coin. Major partnerships with Microsoft Azure, Lightcurve and others have also helped in increasing its market standing. The short-term forecast is bullish for the coin. As per the Lisk price forecast, analysts predict that the coin should reach to the price level of $ 2.5 – $ 3.5 by the year-end. It is a coin with great growth potential for the long-term investor.

Investors should watch in the developments and buy the coin for a long-term purpose. There are only a few coins in circulation, so there could be a scenario of high demand-low supply. This could also work in its favor. The developments in the coin are in the right direction. Lisk’s highly talented development team has a great vision for it and working with all vigour to reach it to great heights.

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