Lisk Price Analysis: Alpha SDK, SDK 2.0.0 and Lisk Core 2.0.0 Brings in New Hope For LSK

  • Alpha SDK, Lisk 2.0.0 and Lisk SDK 2.0.0 should work wonders for the coin
  • Year-end target price stays between $2.5 -$3

Lisk coin is a versatile blockchain platform, used by developers for creating dApps with the use of sidechains. Majority of QA testing for Lisk Core 2.0.0 and Lisk SDK 2.0.0 is done. Alpha SDK would be released in 3 consecutive phases. This should increase transaction speed and make the platform more user-friendly. Lisk community is glued to the development taking place. Lisk has stayed true to its stable form even during phases of price volatility. Yesterday, the price fluctuation was in the range of $2.05-$2.11 and finally stabilized at $2.09.

Current Statistics of Lisk Coin:

On June 20, 2019, statistics at 5:28:14 UTC is as mentioned below:

Lisk Price Chart - 20 June
Lisk Chart by Trading View
  • The current price of LSK is $2.09746534
  • Current market cap is $244,879,991
  • 24-Hour Volume is $8,176,275
  • ROI has moved to a positive 2.09 % at a Circulating Supply of 117,864,539 LSK

Lisk Price Comparison:

There has been a lot of variations in LSK price over the past one day. The day price run started at $2.05207201 on the morning of June-19, then it suddenly shot up to $2.11328347 in 4h 4m, indicating a price jump of 3.01%. There was again a short bearish phase when the price lowered to $2.04105979 in a gap of 8h 52m to the extent of 3.39%. After 10h 39m, the price slightly moved up to $2.06596451, showing a minimal upward movement of 1.22%. Yesterday’s closing price was $2.09695772, which is lower by the current day’s price $2.09746534 by a negligible 0.02%. These price movements indicate that Lisk is keeping up to its stable nature, and the price is slowly showing an upward trend.

Lisk Price Prediction:

One of the few cryptocurrencies which have shown stability even during times of high price volatility, Lisk has great future potential awaiting to be unlocked. The price movements have been stable. Major developments have been taking place in the coin which has garnered investor interests. The platform is all set to become more user-friendly. Analysts expect the bullish phase to continue till the year-end and target a price of around $2.5 – $3. Click here to know more about Lisk prediction from crypto experts.

LSK is a coin with long-term investment value. Investors can hold on to the coin and wait for the various releases to start working.

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