Lisk Price Analysis: Is Lisk Heading Towards A Stable Future?

  • Sidechains and SDK make creating applications easier for developers
  • The past month price oscillation in the range of $ 1.8 -$ 2.8 shows price gaining momentum
  • Year-end target maintained between $ 3.5 – $ 4

Lisk (LSK) is a decentralized blockchain application platform that enables the production and distribution of apps written in JavaScript. The use of Sidechains and Software Development Kit (SDK) means developers can easily create dApps without having to learn a new programming language. Lisk price has been gaining momentum over the past few months and coming out of the bear phase of 2018.

Lisk Price Current Statistics:

On June 24, 2019, at 5:43:13 UTC, current statistics are as below:

Lisk Price Chart - 24 June
Lisk Price Chart
  • The current market price of LSK is $2.08369200
  • Current market cap is $251,247,622
  • 24 Hour Volume is $ 10,108,709
  • Circulating Supply is 117,968,399 LSK
  • ROI is slowly getting better, now at 4.65%
  • The current market rank of 36
  • 30 Day High/Low $ 2.81/ $ 1.87

Lisk Price Comparison:

Over the past month, LSK price has seen a lot of fluctuations. From a low of $ 1.92135099 on May 25, the price rose to $2.21970455 on May 30; the upward movement is 15.61%. The price spiraled downwards to $1.88340251 on June 4 showing a downturn of 14.93%. The price then rallied to $2.41860693 on June 16 showing an upward swing to the tune of 28.67%. It again fell to $1.99189979 on June 22; the downward movement is 17.78%. Today’s price of LSK is $ 2.08369200, higher by 4.52% when compared to the price of June 22. The price of LSK has been oscillating in the range of $1.8 – $2.8 over the past month, indicating that the coin has been slowly gaining ground and keeping its head high in the cryptocurrency world.

Lisk Price Prediction:

Lisk, a popular blockchain network with developers for ease of its use of JavaScript to create applications, has been one of the most stable coins in the crypto market. The bear trend of 2018 had continued in early 2019, but the price movements over the past few months have given hope for Lisk investors and users alike. Analysts also feel that the present short-term fluctuations should not last long and affect its long-term bull run prospects and as per the Lisk future price, the price target of $2.5 -$3 for the year-end should be favorably achieved.


Investors can jump into the current market sentiment and buy the coin from a long-term perspective. Speculative traders should mention caution and keep an eye for intraday price fluctuations.

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