Lisk Price Analysis: Lisk (LSK) Is Taking Small Leaps To A Bright Future

  • YTD price indicates the upward price momentum for LSK at a steady pace
  • Year-end target price stays between $3 -$4

Lisk (LSK) users can advantage of the platform’s framework and tools to create customized decentralized applications.  With its focus on the JavaScript programming language, Lisk aims at becoming the developer’s first choice for creating dApp by giving access to its Software Development Kits (SDK) and Sidechains. Lisk has joined hands with industry stalwarts like Microsoft Azure and Light curve. The YTD chart indicates a price range between $1.06 -$2.19, indicating that LSK price has been steadily moving ahead.

Lisk Price Current Statistics:

Lisk Price Chart - 25 June
Lisk Price Chart

On June 25, 2019, statistics at 4:40:59 UTC is as mentioned below

  • The current market price of LSK is $2.11472458
  • Current market cap is $247,282,413
  • 24-Hour Volume is $10,455,317
  • ROI is getting better at 2.98% at a Circulating Supply of 117,993,575 LSK

Lisk Price Comparison:

A look at the price comparison of LSK from Jan 2019 till date indicates that the LSK price has slowly and steadily recovered from the price volatility in the bear market of 2018. As on Jan 6, 2019, LSK price stood at $1.47211647 but slipped to $1.063496 on Feb 6, within a span of a month. This price movement was to the extent of 26.96%. The price then rallied to $1.61028305 on Mar 14, in 36 days indicating a jump of a huge 51.41%. The bull phase had slowly set in. The price further went up to $2.193465 on Apr 5, in a gap of 21 days, the movement is 38.34%. In a matter of 32 days, the price fell to $1.72787164 on May 7 to the extent of 21.32%. It again resumed its short-term bull phase on May 16 at $2.1541312, within a short period of 9 days to the extent of 24.84%. There was again a short price hiccup at $1.87779708 on June 9 after 24 days to the extent of 12.83%. The price has again moved to the current day’s price of $2.11472458, the movement being to the tune of 12.78%.

Lisk Price Prediction:

A stable coin in a bear market, Lisk price had been on a downswing at the beginning of 2019. But now, the bear phase seems to have run its course and given way for a bull momentum. Though short-term price volatility does take place now and then, still the price has been showing a slow positive upward price movement bringing cheers to the Lisk community. Developers prefer this platform for its easy adaptability. According to the LSK price forecast, analysts are also banking on this coin and predict that the price of Lisk should touch a target in the range of $3 -$4 by the year-end.


Long term investors should hold the coin as the coin is set to gain in the future. Short term investors should consider price fluctuations and developments taking place before taking the plunge.

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