Lisk Price Analysis: Will Lisk (LSK) Continue to Be Popular Among Developers?

  • Lisk is a first modular cryptocurrency

Lisk (LSK) is a blockchain application platform that aims to make the blockchain technology more user-friendly to the masses. Lisk’s SDK kit is written in JavaScript so as to help developers to create and use customized blockchain applications.

Lisk Coin Price Current Statistics:

On June 18, 2019, at 5:31 UTC, current statistics are:

Lisk Price Prediction - 18 June

  • The price of LSK is $2.06
  • Current Market Cap is $243,628,875
  • 24 Hour Volume is $10,996,865
  • ROI is at a low 1.61%
  • 52 Week High/Low $6.55 / $1.05

Lisk Price Comparison:

As per the Lisk price chart, over the past few months, the LSK price was trading as high as $2.22 on April 5, 2019, and was at a low of $1.05 at Feb 6, 2019. When compared with the current day price of $2.06, these price movements were to the tune of 7.2% / 96.19%. The price of LSK has been slowly taking an upward trend indicating the confidence of the Lisk community in the coin.

Lisk Price Prediction:

Lisk is a popular platform with developers, known for its technological advances like sidechains which ensure faster transaction speed. It has already attracted industry bigwigs like Microsoft because of its salient features. The release of Alpha SDK is expected to make it more accessible to the masses. With these features, LSK seems to be finding favor among investors and users. Based on the above price trends, Lisk forecast is positive, but it is recommended to keep the volatility factor in mind before making any investments. Analysts are also confident on the coin and with the current bull phase, feel that the coin should continue with its stable run and get to a price around $2.5 – $3 by the year-end. You can be clicking here our forecast page to know more about Lisk price prediction.


With important developments happening on the platform, Lisk is a viable option for the long term. New investors can invest at the current price for the long term. Though Lisk has been a stable coin even in a bear market, still due to cryptocurrencies being highly volatile in nature, it carries a certain risk, and it is hard to foretell what will happen in the next couple of months. So, wait and watch is the way ahead for the coin.

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