Lisk Price Analysis: Will Lisk (LSK) Take Giant Strides Towards A Bright Future?

  • Aims to become an entry point for skilled developers
  • Great platform for small startups
  • Strong backing and stable nature make it an attractive investment

Lisk (LSK) is a versatile and robust decentralized network on the blockchain platform which uses javascript. A leader in creating dApps. It is a haven for skillful developers who can build and manage their own blockchain application using Lisk. A stablecoin in a bear market. Because of its strong backing, which only a few cryptos can boast of, LSK is seeing acceptance amongst various exchanges and investors alike.

Lisk Price Current Statistics:

On June 17, 2019, statistics at 7:53:55 UTC is as mentioned below:

Lisk Price Chart - 17 June

  • The price of LSK is $ 2.14
  • Current Market Cap is $251,012,568
  • 24-Hour Volume is $16,506,277
  • Though the ROI is 4.71%, the Circulating Supply is a 117,790,061 LSK
  • 90 Day High/Low $2.81 /$1.48

Lisk Price Comparison:

During the past 90-day period, the price of was trading as high/low as $2.34 as on May 16, 2019, $1.48 as on Mar 21, 2019. The price movements have been to the tune of -8.55% /44.6% as compared to today’s price of $2.14. This shows that Lisk is taking the right steps in moving towards a stable future.

Lisk Price Prediction

The market downturn had hit the industry very hard, but it did throw up some stablecoins, which could withstand the price volatility, Lisk being one of them. The technical community for Lisk has been expanding its user-base over the past one year. The team is also working hard towards building a Sidechain Development Kit (SDK) which will further help the developers and turn Lisk into a world-leading platform. It’s user-friendly nature, even to the non-tech savvy make it a hit with developers and users. Lisk is a coin with a modular approach, which means it’s a powerful tool which if utilized well, will gain immense value over the long term. It has done a partnership with Deloitte, Microsoft, and other key industry leaders which could make it a name to reckon within the area of dApps creation and enterprise development. Key Ethereum developers are also working on Lisk. According to Lisk price prediction, analysts are predicting LSK to go as high as around $2.5 – $3 by the year-end.


Lisk could achieve wonders if it lives up to its promises. Investors can put their money in the coin for a long-term investment. Whether Lisk lets down its users/investors or takes giant strides ahead, only time will tell.

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