Lisk Price Analysis: Will Lisk’s Stable Price Momentum Bring In More Investors?

  • The platform aims to change the way dApps can be created and used completely
  • Over past 24-hours, the price has shown fluctuation within a stable range of $1.93 -$2.17

Lisk (LSK) is a unique blockchain platform which is focused on making JavaScript-based applications available to the masses with advanced technological innovations. It has ensured that more developers can create dApps on the platform without having to learn a new programming language. This will enable users to contribute to the overall development of the platform. Lisk price has moved in the range of $1.93 -$2.17 over the past 24 hours, indicating that Lisk has all the right assets to move forward.

Current Statistics of Lisk Coin:

On June 27, 2019, at 4:19:56 UTC, current statistics are:

Lisk Price Chart - 27 June
Lisk Price Chart
  • The market price of LSK is $1.96879380
  • Current market cap is $236,096,991
  • 24 Hour Volume is $14,584,287
  • ROI is a negative 1.72 %
  • Circulating Supply is at 118,046,354 LSK

Lisk Price Comparison:                                                                                     

Over the past 24-hours, the price of LSK has been fluctuating though in the steady range of $1.93 -$2.17. From a high of $2.08714760 in the wee hours of June 26, the price slumped to $1.96669636 within a matter of 6h 20m, showing variation to the extent of 5.71%. Then, the price reached $2.17100959 in a span of 9h 6m showing a jump to the extent of 10.66%. After 4h 14m, the price again slid downwards to 1.93738019, showing a downward movement of 10.74%. Towards the end of June 26, the price moved slightly upwards to $2.01000332 within a gap of 2h 27m showing an upward movement to the tune of 3.75%. The current day’s price of $1.96879380 is less by 2.4%.

Lisk Price Prediction:

The price variations over the last 24 hours and the past few months point to the fact that Lisk has slowly recovered from the bear phase of 2018 and early 2019, to move into steady upward price momentum. The adoption of JavaScript in blockchain technology and its user-friendly features will boost the marketability of Lisk due to the manner in which quality dApps can be created and run on the platform. According to Lisk price projections, analysts expect the current run to continue well into the year-end and target the price of LSK in the range of $3- $4 for the year-end.


Investors looking for long term commitment can go ahead and invest in the coin. Short term investors should be wary of the price fluctuations and invest accordingly.

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