Lisk Price Analysis: Will Short-term Bull Run Continue For Lisk (LSK) ?

  • A very popular coin among developers
  • The coin has been going strong over the past month
  • LSK to target $2.5 – $3 for the year end

Lisk (LSK) platform will enable developers to create, distribute, and manage customized decentralized applications. It’s easy to use JavaScript and major tie-ups with Microsoft, Lightcurve, among others, also add to its popularity. The coin has been going strong over the past month with the price range being $1.83 – $2.39. Let’s have a look at the statistics to get a better picture.

Lisk Coin Current Statistics:

On June 19, 2019, at 7:24:47 UTC, current statistics are:

Lisk Price Chart - 19 June

  • The market price of LSK is $2.09
  • Current market cap is $245,793,248
  • 24 Hour Volume is $7,265,866
  • ROI is today at 2.49% at a Circulating Supply of 117,841,148 LSK
  • Current rank moved up to 36

Lisk Price Comparison:

The 30-day price chart shows the price varying from $1.83 on May 16 to a high of $2.22 on May 30, showing an upward movement to the tune of 21.31%. The price hit low on June 9 at $1.87, showing a downward movement of 15.77%. The price then picked up to a high of $2.39 on June 16, showing an upward movement of a good 27.81%. Again, the price has fallen today to $2.09, indicating a downward movement of 12.55%. The price movements over the past month indicate volatility, and over the past day, it shows a slightly bullish trend for the coin, which is expected to continue.

Lisk Price Prediction:

LSK has been gaining momentum at a steady pace as compared to the low price at the beginning of the year. The current day price of $2.09 indicates that Lisk has taken the right steps to move ahead and become more accessible to the masses. Analysts expect the short-term bull run to prevail and keep the momentum for a long-term bull run going. They feel given the current price movements, Lisk should be able to achieve a target of $3 by the year-end. Investors should consider the developments before making any investment decisions. Read more about Lisk price prediction from an expert point of view for further price speculations.

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