List of Popular Slangs Used in the World of Gambling

Gambling is a well-known source of entertainment for people worldwide for an unknown period of time. Where earlier it was limited to the access of the rich male section of the society, today it has become a favorite for a majority of people irrespective of caste, status, or sex. As the technology evolved, the gambling industry followed the same path and infused the developments to adapt itself with the changing scenarios. Presently, casinos have become a popular hub for gambling lovers who gather under these lavish establishments to enjoy a round of their favorite game with friends or competitors.

Every sport has its own language, which includes official as well as non-official words designated by fans. Interestingly, just like any other sport or activity, crypto gambling too has a wide range of words that are used by the players as slangs to depict special or ordinary happenings in the game. In this article, we have tried to give a sneak-peek into the interesting slangs used in the world of gambling by its lovers. For a better understanding of the crypto gambling arena, visit here and get more information about crypto gambling in detail.


The list given below includes the most popular slangs widely used by gamblers worldwide along with their meanings so that the next time you happen to visit a casino, you don’t feel alienated. Have a look:

  1. Action– The word refers to the act of placing of bets by players in a game. It is widely used in card games.
  2. Ante– It indicates the bet that a player is required to make before other players place their bet, so the pot always has money. It is used to force action by other players and helps in keeping the game on a roll.
  3. Beginner’s Luck– Beginner’s luck is also referred to as ‘honeymoon period.’ It indicates the fact that the new players are likely to win more than they actually can.
  4. Blind bets– The slang points out the bets made by a player without knowing what card will show up next in the course of a game.
  5. Bookie– A bookie is a person who ascertains the gambling odds and receives and pay offs bets.
  6. Cage– It indicates towards the place where the player can find the cashier inside a casino establishment. The place is the most important part of a casino as it is here where a casino keeps all its money.
  7. Chase– Chase refers to the situation in which a player is very likely behind his/her opponent and is looking to hit a card that will put him/her into the lead.
  8. Cold– It refers to the number in roulette that has been drawn for the least number of times during the course of a gaming session.
  9. ColourUp– The word refers to chips a player gets at a casino to use in a wide variety of games inside.
  10. Croupier– A croupier is a dealer.
  11. Eye-in-the-sky– The slang points out towards the security cameras installed in the casinos to keep a check on the activities of the players, guests, and employees.
  12. Fish– It is a negative word and is used to define a gambler who loses more in comparison to other players in the casino.
  13. Hit me– It is used in the game of to indicate to the dealer that the player wants another card.
  14. Hot– If people address you as ‘hot’ in a casino, then you are someone who is on a winning streak and is likely to take home a good amount of money.
  15. Jackpot– A person is said to have had hit a ‘jackpot’ when he/she wins a whopping amount of money while playing on a slots machine or a lottery game.
  16. Juice– Juice is the word used to refer to the commission taken by the casino organization from the players.
  17. Junket– A junket is a group of popular, experienced, high rolling players who flow down to the casino at the latter’s expense.
  18. Shill– These are players used in poker games who are assigned by the casinos to sit in games to make up numbers. They are often referred to as filler players. Poker sites that accept Bitcoin have such house player with predetermined rate to play or who is bankrolled by the casino.
  19. Whale– It depicts a player who makes huge wagers involving thousands of dollars per round.
  20. Washing– Washing refers to the process in which the players rub their hands to indicate that they are not carrying chips.

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The list given above describes the slangs that are commonly used in casinos by the players during the course of their games. It is essential to know the language of the game before investing your hard-earned cash and valuable time as a lack of information can also result in huge losses. Though the list of slangs is quite long, we have tried to cover the most popular ones to help you give a better understanding. By using these words, you will be able to make your casino experience more enjoyable and certainly a victorious one!

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