Litecoin Deals in Profit Despite Experiencing Heavy Fall in Midweek

  • LTC price momentum impresses the traders.
  • The coin holds a high outlook of improvement in the future.

Litecoin price books a slight improvement since last week. If we look at the statistics, the 7-day low was at $64.62 and high was at $72.67. LTC holds great potential and hence investors can trust on the coin and dig in with a vision of profit. The investment in Litecoin wouldn’t go futile.

Litecoin Price Analysis & Predictions

On September 04, 2019, LTC coin booked a fall, and the price changed from $69.211 to $67.189 by 2.89%. On the next day, Litecoin price changed from $67.189 to $65.348 by 2.74%. On 6th September, the price again dropped and slipped from $65.348 to $64.888. The regression was of 0.70%. From September 07, 2019, LTC price started moving up. The price counters changed from $64.888 to $69.211 by 6.69%. The uptrend in the coin continued. On the next day, the price switched from $69.231 to $70.372 by 1.68%. Then, the price changed from $70.372 to $70.052. Yesterday, LTC moved up by 2.03% and the price jumped from $70.052 to $71.473.

If we compare the price of Litecoin from the beginning of the week, which was at $69.211 with now which is at $70.304, the escalation marked would be 1.83%.

Litecoin price
Litecoin Chart By TradingView

The intraday chart is not reflecting much movement. Hence, it wouldn’t give the desired result. However, according to Litecoin Forecast, it seems that the coin is best for long-term investment. The same would provide a considerable profit.

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