Litecoin drops after halving, 3 reasons why TOADS is a masterpiece in the making

Since its launch, Litecoin has emerged as a top crypto to invest in by posting strong results. Recently, Litecoin announced that it has completed halving – a process during which block rewards given to miners are reduced by half – to keep its token value stable. 

However, its token has been witnessing negative price action following the process. The drop in Litecoin prices has prompted crypto users to switch to a new meme coin called DigiToads (TOADS) which has a hybrid DeFi model and is powered by the Ethereum network. Its diverse range of features is accompanied by a robust security framework that’s reviewed by some of the leading blockchain audit companies in the world. 

Another reason many crypto users are flocking to DigiToads is the strong growth of its cryptocurrency ICO. DigiToads is presently in its last presale stage and has raised over $6.7 million in funding.

3 reasons that make DigiToads a top coin for long-term investment

  • A play-to-earn game where the fun never ends 

DigiToads is the talk of the crypto town these days because of its thrilling play-to-earn game. The Web 3.0 game is a perfect mix of a thrilling storyline, exciting rewards, and catchy graphics. The Metaverse game is designed in a virtual swamp where players go about completing challenges and fighting their competitors to bag the highest scores of the season. 

When the month-long season ends, the game’s highest scorers are rewarded with TOADS tokens – the native crypto coin of the DigiToads network. Players can advance their progress in the game by buying in-game assets for special virtual creatures called DigiToads. These creatures can turn the tables in the game and put a player back in the game. 

  • Monthly contests to pick out talented traders

The DigiToads team holds monthly trading contests, which help it identify the most talented traders in the community and train them to help it manage the treasury. To win the competitions, the participants must book the highest profit margin while trading cryptocurrencies. If they win, the profits earned by the winner are divided between the platform and the victorious participant. These winners then have to attend a brief training session before they get to assist the DigiToads team with managing the treasury.

  • A versatile native token with attractive and innovative use cases

DigiToads native token is an ERC-20 coin with a versatile model. Its deflationary model gives it an edge over other new altcoins. A deflationary token’s supply is always controlled to keep the coins scarce. A limited supply curbs price fluctuations while keeping the token value stable. The extra coins are burned or destroyed if the token supply exceeds the stipulated limit. 


Is Litecoin headed for a bearish stint in the market?

Litecoin is a decentralized platform that offers low-cost and secure digital payments by leveraging the potential of blockchain technology. It was initially created as a spin-off of Bitcoin, but over the years, it has evolved to become a top altcoin. 

A key difference between the two cryptocurrencies is Litecoin’s block time which is just 2.5 minutes and nominal gas fees. Its native coin is the LTC token. As mentioned earlier, Litecoin has witnessed a price drop following its halving. Based on its recent performance and on-chain metrics, analysts feel that the LTC token will likely show bearish price movement.


There’s little doubt that DigiToads is among the best altcoins for 2023. Its power-packed features also make it a dependable option for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio. However, if you ask analysts about its most impressive feature, most will mention its growth potential. DigiToads hybrid DeFi model sets it apart, giving users multiple options to earn passive income. 

Hence, crypto users get the freedom to experiment with these opportunities and build a sustained source of income. Another feature of the platform that analysts feel contributes to its popularity is DigiToads’ policy of incentivizing participation. To earn more rewards, users tend to act in the best interests of the platform, which in turn ensures the latter’s optimal growth. As its latest ICO shows, crypto users are quite impressed with its utility-driven model, which will further boost its popularity.

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