Litecoin Falls by $4 Below from its Weekly High of $72

  • Litecoin loses 0.62% in one day and falls to 68 USD.
  • The next resistance may fall at 70 USD.

Litecoin has lost 0.62% over the last one day and it is now 2 USD below 70 USD. The four price changes have given it a range of 70 USD to 67 USD. However, the volatility may not stop for a while. The medium-term should have a bullish run before 2019 ends.

Litecoin Price Analysis

Between 00:07 UTC and 07:41 UTC, Litecoin fell by 1.48% and reached 68.60 USD after a cut of 1.03 USD. The next few hours saw some strength and again at 08:36 UTC it started falling and in the next 8 hours and 30 minutes, it lost 2.44 USD to be placed at 67.11 USD, the lowest point of the day for Litecoin. This fall had a break at 68.87 USD at 17:07 UTC. The third swing came as a sigh of relief to the investors. Starting from 17:06 UTC in the next 7 hours, Litecoin managed to get a heads up of 3.52%. Since the start of the day, it has already lost 0.59 USD and reached 68.89 USD by 05:39 UTC.

LTC to USD Price Chart

Litecoin price chart
Litecoin Price Chart by TradingView

Litecoin was at its high last month when it was trying to breach 100 USD price point. As the whole market went to slumber, Litecoin also started weakening. But that doesn’t mean that it has lost its potential. The stability of Litecoin will come into play and before 2020 sets in, it is likely to have its final bullish rally. However, check on LTC Predictions to know the future of this coin and decide when to invest in it.

Litecoin (LTC) Resistance and Support levels
1st Resistance $69.83
2nd Resistance $70.68
3rd Resistance $71.64
1st Support Level $68.02
2nd Support Level $67.06
3rd Support Level $66.21

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