Litecoin Foundation’s Loafwallet Joins Hands With Cornerstone Global Management, LLC for Its CP3 Employee Pay Program

The leading cryptocurrency-oriented firm, Cornerstone Global Management, LLC, has announced its partnership with the globally reputed platform, the Litecoin Foundation.

The strategic partnership is aimed at providing the Loafwallet, serving as Litecoin’s native wallet, as the potent Litecoin wallet solution for Cornerstone’s forthcoming employee pay program named CP3 (Crypto Pay & Pension Plan). The highly anticipated project will be unveiled by the company through its website on October 26, 2019, Saturday.

Presently, the Loafwallet supported by the Litecoin Foundation has achieved the milestone of 50,000 downloads from the customers worldwide. It serves as one of the most preferred destinations for Litecoin owners to store their crypto assets. Through the collaboration, Loafwallet has made its position strong in the marketspace by establishing itself as a one-stop solution for users’ everyday requirements.

With the application of the CP3 program, any US-based employee will get a golden opportunity to convert a certain portion of his/her income into any of the three premium crypto coins, namely Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum at the very point of receiving the pay at his/her will. The converted crypto assets will then be transferred to any of the wallets chosen by the user. This amazing feature will allow the employees to indulge in the goodness of cryptocurrencies without taking the pain of visiting an exchange to receive the assets in their wallets. The smooth functioning of the CP3 program will allow them to immerse themselves in their daily routines without having to bear any tension for their digital assets, similar to fiat currencies.

The Litecoin Foundation community works as a non-profit entity that strives to promote Litecoin for the betterment of the global society through its revolutionary and state-of-the-art blockchain solution. Singapore registered enterprise, Litecoin Foundation is renowned in the crypto niche as one of the most potentially active and ‘real-world adoption’ employing groups.

Charlie Lee, the notable Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation, shared his overwhelmingness over the team-up by saying that,

Being involved in the CP3 program is great for getting Litecoin and Loafwallet into the hands of as many people as possible. Having some of your pay sent to you automatically in crypto is now a seamless, automatic process, which can bring more applications into the hands of hard-working people throughout the US and beyond.

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