Litecoin (LTC) Indicates Moderate Recovery for Intraday Traders

  • Litecoin price embarks recovery and touches $58.5.
  • The intraday price movement indicates a profitable closing.

Litecoin holds a powerful position in the crypto market. The movement of the LTC coin is currently disturbing because, from the last couple of months, the market is badly affected. There are speculations that the ongoing month would bring the required growth.

As per yesterday’s statistics, the currency was seen touching a high at $58.75 and a low at $57.72. The volume marked was at $3,425,154,368. The intraday chart is indicating an improvement.

Litecoin Price Prediction

Yesterday, Litecoin started dealing at $58.481. The price fell to $57.73 within the first few hours. The recovery took place that escalated the LTC price to $59.11, with a progression of 2.38%. Later, the price of Litecoin fell and touched $57.42. This time the regression was 2.86%. Towards the closing hours, the coin jumped to $58.847. The escalation marked was 2.47%. The intraday movement reflected an uptrend of 0.38% as LTC closed at $58.70. Today, it started with a mixed movement. After a few ups and downs, LTC price felt a pullback and touched $58.21. The regression marked was 0.84%. Recently, the coin has again started climbing. The current price of LTC coin is at $58.54.

Litecoin Price
LTC Chart By TradingView

The LTC price movement has always satisfied the traders. The result yielding capability of LTC coin has made it quite popular among the investors and the same improve the market cap too. The currency is moving towards the immediate resistance level. There is a thick possibility for Litecoin to breach the said level.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $58.98 S1 $57.95
R2 $59.38 S2 $57.32
R2 $60.01 S3 $56.92

Litecoin has great potential. And as per the Litecoin Price Prediction, it seems that it would give a flourishing result in the near-term. LTC is recommended for long-term investors as it would bring the desired result.

Roxanne Williams

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