Litecoin Partners With C&U Entertainment; Aims At Global Crypto And K-Pop Fans

The latest partnership of the Litecoin Foundation has managed to surprise the crypto world as well as music enthusiasts. The digital currency LTC has extended an association with C&U Entertainment Global, the entity that produces Korean Pop concerts (K-Pop), in the hope of promoting the cryptocurrency to the K-Pop fans worldwide.

This seems to be a one of a kind partnership where the digital currency has collaborated with the entertainment sector. Earlier, the company had made collaborations with Glory Kickboxing and UFC, where the former is a global kickboxing promotion company, and the latter is an MMA promotion company.

Litecoin has announced that it is going to offer VIP tickets of the much-awaited upcoming Korean Pop concert to be held on 6th April for purchase only through the digital currency of LTC. The concert will see six of the most popular K-Pop superstars performing – Ailee, Kim Jong Kook, Huh Gak, Skull, HaHa, and WheeSung.

As per the official sources, the concert is scheduled to be conducted at George Mason University. Not only will the event witness the audience grooving to the sounds of K-Pop but will also play a key role in promoting the cryptocurrency as well as the Litecoin to the attendees.

Charlie Lee, Litecoin’s creator, said in his official statement,

“These entertainers have millions of followers across the globe, who in large part, are familiar with cryptocurrency and are historically early adopters of new technologies. The ability to tap into this type of audience through education and real-world use cases can be really powerful for Litecoin.”

According to the Litecoin Foundation, the concert to be held at the University might be the 1st out of a series of events planned as a segment of the partnership between C&U Entertainment and the Foundation. All of it is being done in order to unite the Korean pop lovers across the world with the global crypto fans so that more and more people start utilizing LTC.

South Korean pop music has the following in millions from across the globe. The pop music has a special and notable appeal among millennials which is proved with the numbers. Microblogging site Twitter had recorded tweets close to 5.3 billion about K-Pop genre last year, and more and more South Korean pop artists are being booked for tours across the United States of late.

Those wishing to book the VIP tickets can do so via the official website of Litecoin.

Ruti Vora

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