Litecoin Price Analysis: Litecoin (LTC) is Facing A Slowdown, The Foundation Announced an Annual Summit

The Litecoin Foundation has made a partnership with, a leading blockchain-based hotel booking platform, to accelerate the use of the altcoin as a mode of payment. Additionally, the foundation has announced for the annual Litecoin Summit in Las Vegas on October 28th and 29th.

Current Statistics of Litecoin:

Litecoin Price Prediction
Litecoin Price Chart
  • On July 11, at 12:07 UTC, LTC price was trading around $104.08.
  • Against Bitcoin, Litecoin was trading at 0.00895098
  • With a Return on Investment of 2,311.50%, the current market rank of Litecoin is 4th in the crypto chart.
  • Additionally, the Market Cap of the coin was 6,492,408,638 USD.
  • On top of that, the last 24-hour trading volume of the altcoin is 5,319,073,840 USD.
  • Lastly, a total of 62,613,412 LTC coins were circulating in the market.

LTC Price Comparison:

In the period of 5-days, the altcoin has shown a lot of fluctuations. Litecoin maintained almost flat trading during the first 4-days between July 06 to July 10. With a slight decline of 0.97%, the coin moved between the range of $117-$120. And once touched the $125 mark in the closing hours on July 8. However, in the second half on the previous day, it made a huge decline of 12.44% from $118.354 to $103.632. Litecoin showed some strengthening from that level, but again, stooped below $100 and hit the lowest 5-day’s trading price of $94.614 today. But this declining trend stopped afterward, and the crypto started moving toward the positive end of the chart around 4:30 UTC. And finally, at the time of writing, it is trading above $100 mark again, with a hike of 10.10% from the lowest trading value.

Litecoin Price Prediction:

Again, we would like to stick to our previous price prediction, i.e., to be trading around 200 USD by the end of 2019. Although there is a bit of unpredictability in the crypto, a similar trend can be observed in most of the digital currencies. As of now, there is an immediate resistance for the coin at $117.79 and a support level at $101.51. Check out our Litecoin forecast page and find more details about the predicted prices of the future for the coin.


Partnering with is an important step taken by the Litecoin Foundation toward the strengthening of the altcoin. As far as trends are concerned, the short-term trend is an unpredictable one. However, the long term is still bullish.

Roxanne Williams

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