Litecoin Price Analysis: Litecoin (LTC) Neared $107, Thanks to Halving Speculations

  • Litecoin (LTC) shows four significant price changes in the last 24 hours and nears 107 USD.
  • The target for 2019 remains at 200 USD.

Litecoin, with four colossal price variations, is just 0.35% up from the previous day’s value. The last 24 hours have been very crucial for the coin as it has tested its potential and went near 107 USD. It is probably the highest point in the last two weeks. This shows the coin’s strong intent to realize the 200 USD dream before the end of 2019. Let us look at the current details first.

Litecoin Price Statistics-

Litecoin (LTC): 6th August 03:04 UTC
Rank: 5th
ROI (Return on Investment): 2,127.70%
Coin Circulation: 62,978,918 LTC
Market Cap: 6,015,269,675 USD
Value in USD: 95.38 USD
Value in BTC: 0.00817427 BTC
24h Volume: 4,054,049,913 USD

LTC to USD Price Comparison-

Litecoin Price Prediction
Litecoin Price Chart by TradingView

Litecoin’s halving speculation added fuel to the value of each coin yesterday. Between 06:28 UTC and 10:18 UTC, the coin gained 13.5% and added 12.72 USD to the price of the coin against USD, helping the coin to reach an overall value of 106.98 USD. A steep fall followed it, and this completes a pyramidal growth movement of the coin. The fall of 8.65% on the price of each coin against USD deducted 9.26 USD from each coin and by 13:36 UTC, each coin was being traded near 97.72 USD. The third swing came as another gain, but this was a minuscule one. This 3.01% swing took Litecoin from 97 USD to 100 USD by 16:47 UTC. The latest was a deduction in the value against USD by 6.48% and this cut 6.51 USD from the coin.

LTC Price Prediction-

Litecoin has been one of the few coins that have been consistent in its price trend. Experts target the price range of 200 USD for 2019. The details of probable resistance and support levels are as follows.

Litecoin (LTC) :

1st Resistance 103.9166667 USD
2nd Resistance 111.0033333 USD
3rd Resistance 116.4166667 USD
1st Support Level 91.41666667 USD
2nd Support Level 86.00333333 USD
3rd Support Level 78.91666667 USD


Litecoin has been able to take the value from 30 USD to 140 USD in these last seven months. In order to reach 200 USD, As per Litecoin forecast, the coin may soon register a price rally making a good fortune for long-term traders.

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