Litecoin Price Escalation Prepones the Price Rally; Uptrend Reflects Stability

Litecoin (LTC) is reflecting a marvelous momentum from past 2-3 days. The escalation is terrific and looks like the good days are here. The last couple of months brought a steep fall in LTC price, but now the recovery is clearly indicated.

The day is expected to bring the traders a considerable profit. The uptrend seems sustainable and is anticipated to bring the flourishing time back.

Litecoin Price Analysis

Yesterday, the day began with a moderate movement in Litecoin. The upsurge started in the second half of the day. LTC price jumped from $72.413 to $74.456 by 2.82%. The uptrend continued and took the LTC price to $75.958 from $73.555 by 3.27%.

The final jump of the day brought the coin to $78.073 from $74.792 by 4.40%, but the Litecoin price fell to $74.420. However, the day closed with an intraday progression of 1.59% at $74.4. Today, the opening hours brought escalation in the LTC price. The counters jumped from $74.420 to $76.198 by 2.39%.

Litecoin Price Chart
LTC Chart By TradingView

There are speculations that Litecoin would turn out to be the biggest competitor for Bitcoin. The future of the currency is brighter. We are speculating that it would give a flourishing return on investment. LTC has many a time-proven that it holds the capability of coming out of great storms. The current market cap stands at $4,771,500,025. The 24-hour volume of Litecoin is $3,221,155,821. The ROI of the coin stands at 1653%.


As per the current price trend and Litecoin Predictions, there is a high possibility for LTC to reach up to $95 by the year-end. We would suggest the traders interested in Litecoin opt for long-term investment. The same would bring a colossal profit.

Roxanne Williams

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