Litecoin Price Upsurge Might Lead to the Rally in the Future

  • Litecoin price deals with the bear
  • The day is ex[ecyted to close with the positive price change

Litecoin (LTC) movement was remarkable in the first two quarters. The last quarter created heavy market pressure, where the price fell tremendously. The traders of LTC are still hopeful for the uptrend in the coin. We are also positive that the same would take place soon enough.

Yesterday, Litecoin was seen at a $58.24 (high) and $56.00 (low). The volume was marked around $2,441,054,545.

LTC to USD Price Chart:

Litecoin Price Chart
Litecoin Chart By TradingView

Litecoin started dealing at $84.85; the price escalated to $71.24 by 9.41%. The price slipped by 10.31% to reach $63.9. Further, the price escalated and the price counter changed from $63.9 to $72.9. The final upsurge took the price to 30-day high at $80 by 19.64%. Later, it fell to $51 and the month closed at $57.82; it marked a loss of 11.05%. The current month marked a fall on price within the first seven days. The price moved from $57 to $53 by 8.07%. In recent days, the escalation hiked the price to $60.2 by 13.26%.

Litecoin (LTC) holds a strong reputation in the market. The price movement has always been impressive for the traders. The coin is counted among the result-yielding currencies due to the same. There is also anticipation that Litecoin would give Bitcoin a tough competition in the future.

According to price counters, the resistance and support level is as follows:

Resistance Price Support Price
R1 $57.69 S1 $55.45
R2 $59.09 S2 $54.61
R3 $59.93 S3 $53.21


Litecoin (LTC) is expected to give a huge dividend to long-term traders. The investors can dig-in with Although, they should check Litecoin Prediction first whenever they decide to invest in it.

Roxanne Williams

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